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Kinvara - 1922

Connacht Tribune 1922 (abridged)

Official I.R.A. Galway, issued the following on Monday evening;
Having received information at Galway that post offices were being raided at Kinvara and Ardrahan, five men under Captain Farrelly O’Rourke were dispatched to Kinvara by Motor. 82 more words

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On this day: Qantas in Queensland

A Qantas aeroplane arrives at Longreach in Queensland, Australia on the 22nd of November, 1922. The photograph was taken to commemorate the first flight from Charleville to Cloncurry.



Workers' Soviet Creameries

A rare piece of information on the ‘Workers Soviet Creameries’ of Munster – occupations of the Cleeve Brothers creameries in 1922 – comes in the form of a letter from Thomas O’Dwyer, general manager on behalf of the Council of Action, appealing for markets for butter produced by the soviets in order to pay wages. 21 more words

Remembering History: Beer Hall Putsch

On this date in 1923, Adolf Hitler aroused crowed in a beer hall in Munich and subsequently marched to take control of Munich, Bavaria. Inspired by Mussolini’s take over of Rome only a couple of weeks previously, it failed and it saw Adolf Hitler jailed for 5 years. 9 more words


Dead Air Ep 33 - Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

Break out your long coats and cast your shadows on episode 33 of Dead Air! Wes and Lydia jump in the way back machine and go “way back” to 1922’s German Expressionist masterpiece; Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror! 24 more words



postmark: 02.05.1923, 8:30 am, Lewistown
address: Miss Virginia M White, 103 Park Avenue, New York, NY c/o Stehlin, Miller, Hines Co.

know that I am thinking about you. 146 more words