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A Year in the Life

In a world of franchise concepts, we wonder where things originate. Art in our society becomes not just about now, but how we got to now, was there a purer time, a place where all antecedents come from,. 608 more words

Haunted Houses

A Book for Dorothy Canfield Fisher Day: Rough-Hewn (1922)

I have neglected Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s work for  a long time, because I was torn over which of two books about the same two characters I should read first. 1,753 more words


The First Bus lines in Oakland

In May of 1921, The Key System began to operate motor coach service. The first line opened up on May 16, 1921, to Mills College and a week later on May 21st, service to Montclair began.¹ 381 more words


I do not regret

I do not regret, complain, or weep,
All passes, like smoke off the white apple trees.
Autumn’s gold has me in its withering grip.
I shall never be young again. 106 more words


Let's Talk About Netflix's Creeping Straight-to-Video Reputation

Video stores don’t exist anymore, at least not in any real, meaningful way, but the legacy of the straight-to-video movies which used to line their shelves lives on. 815 more words

Special Features

“The Way to Disarm is to Disarm” -US Sec of State Charles Evans Hughes

Today in History, February 6, 1922:

The Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 is agreed to by the remaining Navy powers from WWI. It would be a year until all the signatories had done so, but their representatives in DC made the agreement today. 282 more words