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1929-1930 Nappanee High School Bulldogs Boys Basketball

Henry Baumgartner

Wayne Dunham

James Eaton

Charles Lehman

Dillard Lehman

Ralph Mitchell

Lowell Mullett

Ira Phillips

Lloyd Stahly

Newell Troup

Wilfred Troup

Coach: Herman Schuler

The Oscar Quest: Best Picture - 1929-1930

These were the 3rd Academy Awards, and this was really the point where Hollywood figured it out. The first awards were just laying groundwork, and the second was sort of a period of chaos, since after the first awards, Hollywood had to shift from one style of filmmaking (silent) to another (sound). 1,778 more words


The Oscar Quest: Best Actor - 1929-1930

1929-1930 is the first great Best Picture winner. Sure, Wings and Sunrise are great, but they were the first ones, and the fact that they were separate kind of detracts from them. 2,341 more words


The Oscar Quest: Best Actress - 1929-1930

I call 1929-1930 the year with the first real (or is it great? Either way, really…) Best Picture winner. There aren’t any real definitive Best Picture winners for the first decade, really. 1,671 more words


The Oscar Quest: Best Director - 1929-1930

One of these things is not like the other…

Seriously, look at this category. It doesn’t even require anything more than a simple glance. One nominee is so superior to the rest that they shouldn’t have even had voting this year. 3,485 more words


All Quiet on the Western Front

It was in a high school history class that I first encountered All Quiet on the Western Front.  Even as my classmates groaned over the black and white, I think Mr. 657 more words



There are many reasons people enjoy movies, but right now I want to  think about two very broad reasons: to be entertained and to learn something new.   387 more words