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Parachute Jumper jumps and falls flat

The amazing Bette Davis and the heartthrob Douglas Fairbanks Jr. join forces in the 1933 pre-code drama film, Parachute Jumper. The film is set in New York city and tells the story of a gang leader who cons a group of three people who are attempting to get employment in the midst of the Great Depression. 614 more words

How To Live Life Like You're In A Screwball Comedy

Escape the Mundane in Five Easy Steps.

So, your life has become slow and you don’t know how to get it to its former sharpness. You’ve come to see me because you’ve heard that I have an easy solution to your problem. 538 more words



 “And she gave up a million bucks for that. The poor sap.”

When you hear the name Frank Capra, what’s the first movie you think of?

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1930s Film

The Marx Brothers: A Love Story

Mrs. Rittenhouse, ever since I met you, I’ve swept you off my feet.

I feel like anyone who is a fan of the Marx Brothers remembers when they first watched their movies and have vivid memories of it.

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One recent rainy/chilly Sunday afternoon, I sat down on the couch and made the decision as to what movie I should watch on the DVR. Well, I ended up choosing a black & white romance that I had never heard of before taping it on TCM. 698 more words

1930s Film