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This weird agricultural oddity is a Lanz Bulldog tractor. 220,000 of these were built in Germany from the early 1920s up until 1960, making it one of the most popular European tractors of all time. 92 more words


The Rules of the Game (1939, Jean Renoir)


As with Grand Illusion, Jean Renoir’s The Rules of the Game is a film whose final, cumulative impact is perhaps more meaningful than the immediate experience of watching it. 2,023 more words

Highly Recommended

Lost Horizon

Every director in Hollywood has that big, epic movie production they’ve always wanted to do, and in many cases eventually get the chance to do, and it seems not even hometown, quintessential Americana director Frank Capra is excluded from this conjecture. 834 more words

7 Out Of 10

Ginger and Fred: Hard to Handle

One of my favorite dances of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire’s is from the film, Roberta (1935). The dance is to the song, “I’ll Be Hard to Handle”. 797 more words

Old Hollywood

Rich in Tolerance, Generosity and the Spirit of Simple Living

Flo was awakened in the middle of the night by some kind of howling. It sounded like an animal in distress. She was a light sleeper, so she gained consciousness quickly and it didn’t take long to realize the sound was coming from downstairs, inside the house. 1,135 more words

My Mother Florence Wick

Mar-23: Liberty, Tyranny, Education and Health Care

March 23 is defined by Patrick Henry’s famous “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech.  Tyranny was present on this day when Germany enacted the Enabling Act giving Hitler dictatorial powers or when the Roosevelt administration sent Japanese-Americans to internment camps. 438 more words