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Road construction

After the flooding of 1928, a lot of repairs and reconstructions were going on in Holzkamp. For example, the stream had been flowing through pipes where it crossed underneath the road. 588 more words


Ruby and Diamond Vintage Ring, OOAK 1930's Vintage Ruby Ring, Princess Cut Ruby…

Engagement Jewelry
The Duchess of York: After Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson with a ruby from Garrard Jewelers, it set off demand for ruby engagement rings in England. 32 more words

Mermerus M16 - Sailing Sunday

MERMERUS M16 Sailing Sunday
photo ex Mac Taylor collection

The above photo of the M-class Mermerus planning at speed is proof that you do not need composite construction, carbon fibre & space-age  fabrics to go like the stink & most likely have the crew bricking themselves :-) 64 more words


Pre Code Confidential #2: KONGO (MGM 1932)

Torture! Prostitution! Nymphomania! Drug Addiction! Ritual Sacrifice! What is this, some forgotten 70s Grindhouse flick? No, it’s KONGO, a 1932 release from prestigious MGM studios. This twisted little tale stars an over the top Walter Huston as ‘Legless’ Flint, a sadistic cripple who rules over a native tribe in deepest, darkest Africa with his “ju-ju” magic tricks. 421 more words