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Spring Knits

Although Spring may still be a couple of months away, it feels good to think about the warmer weather and longer days. We won’t need to wrap up so warmly or need the central heating on, or a fire burning in the fireplace.  454 more words


The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 1948, Warner Bros. Starring Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston, Tim Holt. Directed by John Huston. B&W, 126 minutes.

After being cheated out of their fair wages and finding themselves dead broke in a foreign country, Fred C. 663 more words

Classic Films

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)

A corrupt young man somehow keeps his youthful beauty, but a special painting gradually reveals his inner ugliness to all. 47 more words


Jan-17 (Pt 1): Ike, Military Adventures and Murder

We cover January 17th in two parts.  In Part 1: Ike, Military Adventures and Murder we address President Eisenhower’s farewell speech warning of the Military Industrial Complex, the murder of Raoul Wallenberg and Patrice Lumumba and military adventures and misadventures in Hawaii, Spain and Iraq. 611 more words


January 16

January 16, 1942 – The Donald Duck Short Film The Village Smithy is Released to Theaters

“That’s me – a mighty man, I say!”

On January 16, 1942, the Donald Duck short film… 249 more words

Pillow to Post (1945)

Jean Howard (Ida Lupino) is heiress to the Howard Oil Supply Company. With so many of the country’s men headed to fight in the war, Howard Oil Supply is in trouble — not due to lack of sales, but lack of salesmen! 423 more words


Julie Thompson reviews The Liberators of Willow Run by Marianne K. Martin

***A little bit of spoilers ahead***

Can you use an electric mixer? If so, you can learn to operate a drill.

During World War II, the United States “enlisted” women to help with the war effort on the homefront. 803 more words

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