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A Very Long-Shot Woody Request from Argentina.

A Very Long-Shot Request from Argentina

I have been contacted by Paolo Panighini from Buenos Aires, looking for help ID’ing the design of the wooden launch he used to own, pictured above. 65 more words


1948: After the Windrush — Retronaut

Despite having paid £100 for a one-way ticket on the Empire Windrush – and the other vessels that were to follow in its metaphorical wake – the 492 people arriving at Tilbury, England were to find their journey had yet to be concluded. 99 more words

20th Century

A Ray Harryhausen Primer (Part 1)

Who is Ray Harryhausen you ask? For shame. The case could easily be made that he’s one of the most influential figures in cinema history. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Peter Jackson, John Landis, Joe Dante, Tim Burton, James Cameron, and countless others have all stated they first became interested in movies because of Harryhausen’s work. 2,597 more words


Drunken Angel and the Excitement of Failed Experiments

A well dressed man approaches a plain coffin caught in the surf on a beach. He takes an axe to the box only to reveal his double inside, a white-clad version of himself with the persona of a wild animal who immediately wakes up and gives chase to the first man, abject terror on one face and primal lust on the other. 900 more words

Film Criticism

Strange consequences of an overactive imagination: Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker

Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker ~ 1940. This edition: Bloomsbury, 2010. Paperback. ISBN: 978-1-60819-051-5. 317 pages.

This one has been on the want-to-read list for many years. 354 more words


OPS: The Relocation of Cottonmouth Springs

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The politics of eminent domain have never been clear-cut, and when you throw the Mythos into the mix–along with rambunctious investigators–death and destruction is sure to follow. 82 more words


Guest Post - When Making A Car Was Illegal - GPCox

This is the latest Guest Post from gpcox all about the vehicles in service during World War II and a little about what the American Family had to sacrifice back home. 979 more words


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