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"a to z blues" - blind willie mctell (1961)

Early blues music, I believe, is the darkest genre of music in the 20th century.  Old bluesman busking on street corners, playing bars, or fingering on their front porches in stifling heat of the Deep South weave tales of deception, intrigue, and murder.  868 more words


Bread and butter pudding was a family staple in our house when I was growing up as I’m sure it was in many homes.  As this recipe says it’s a pretty cheap and foolproof dessert and the great thing is that you can use a variety of breads, stale cake, scones, rolls or even biscuits as the base.   15 more words

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Who knows how this pudding got it’s name, but it’s been the butt of jokes for years and years.  Despite the name it’s really just a fairly simple steamed pudding, which tastes good, especially served with custard.   20 more words

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Three Stories From The Camp

1. You’re probably asking how I first met her, and I would have to say that it was around sometime in the late 1940s; down in the boon docks. 1,917 more words


The House Too

I hear tell that the house is still there, still standing like. Leastways I heard that was the truth of it a few years ago from a sickly ginger-headed woman who had been passing the little cove. 700 more words