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Universal's All-Purpose Man, 1943 and 1944

David Bruce, briefly a rising star at Warner Brothers, had been mostly out of the movies since early 1941. At the dawn of 1943, he went under contract with Universal. 1,708 more words


Jacqueline Bisset on the beach

Jacqueline Bisset: photographed by Pierluigi Praturlon in 1967.


Vintage Postcards From France

Found in among a few WWII items. Envelope postmarks 1944.

Memorial Day 1945 in Margraten, Netherlands

If your Memorial Day was similar to ours, you spent the day with family and friends. Everyone brought delicious things to eat, and you enjoyed some fresh air in your backyard or a park. 254 more words


World War II photos of Paris

Here are some pictures from Paris based artist. Julien Knez, a french artist takes a romantic drive in World War II. These pictures were clicked in August, 1944.

Courtesy : Julien Knez


David Bruce, Radio Performer

David Bruce had a voice for radio as well as a face for movies. Bruce kept starvation at bay (barely) by working as a page at CBS in New York in 1938, and sometimes “radio announcer” is mentioned among his pre-movie jobs. 440 more words