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The Kid on Slapton Beach - in the top books

THE KID ON SLAPTON BEACH – don’t miss reading this book.

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Fantastic read – based on a true story.

Absolutely brilliant – sensitively written from the child’s perspective but covering an amazing historical event – would suit any child from about 10 up and all adults. 37 more words

Rosemary Dexter, David Janssen, Barbara Jefford

THE SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN (1968) Rosemary Dexter (1944 – 2010), David Janssen (1931 – 1980), Barbara Jefford (born 1930). “David Janssen, who plays the sort of journalist he played in “The Green Berets,” seems to be having an affair.” NY Times.


Ann Sidney 1965

Ann Sidney (born 1944): an English hairdresser and pageant contestant who won Miss World 1964; screen acting credits 1967 – 1987.


Meredith Macrae with parents Sheila and Gordon

Meredith MacRae: “I look at my childhood and feel I had two obstacles to overcome — one was that my parents were famous (her mother Sheila MacRae is an actress, performer, comedienne), the other, that my father was an alcoholic.” The Morning Call.


Meredith MacRae on 'It Takes Two' 1969

It Takes Two TV game show, broadcast 22 December 1969, NBC: Henny Youngman (1906 – 1998) and wife Sadie Cohen (1909 – 1987); Dick Smothers (born 1939) and then wife Linda Miller (1938 – 1986… 21 more words