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Jacqueline Bisset wearing a straw hat

24 Femmes Per Second: nouveaux postes de belles femmes chaque semaine; weekly posts of beautiful women; posti settimanali di belle donne; wöchentliche Beiträge der schönen Frauen; vecko inlägg av vackra kvinnor.


August 27, 2015 - The search goes on and thinking about going home

Last night I did some great searching and took a picture from Aunt Madeline’s photo album and tracked two little kids who turned out to be cousins on the McArdle side of the family. 2,291 more words



Being a 14 year old living in Australia, some things about the war don’t affect me personally but I find it quite easy to imagine me in those situations. 350 more words


August 24, 79 AD: Vesuvius erupts. Centuries after being dormant, the volcano explodes and takes the lives of thousands in Pompeii and Herculaneum. The devastation began at noon with a 10 mile cloud of ash and toxic fumes. 74 more words


August 24, 2015 - WWII letters and feeling human again

Have been spending time the last couple of days putting Sheila’s letters into a binder.  It realized that there are many letters missing from this group so I have to do a search to see if I can find additional letters.  609 more words


Salomé, la Embrujadora

Found on Ebay from an Argentinean seller… Two things are notable. First, I’ve never seen a color still from Salome, only lobby cards. Look at how beautiful this photograph is, and consider how lousy-looking currently circulating versions of the film are. 56 more words