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Ivan Trushin, lieutenant, navigator pilot of the 11th long-range bomber regiment with a Polish girl, 1944

Трушин Иван Григорьевич, лейтенант, штурман корабля 11-го Гвардейского Авиационного Сталинского полка дальнего действия с девушкой-полькой, 1944 г.


Make a Wish

Her pace through the park was slow and unintentional in her direction. Her sullen state reflected in the weather. The grey cotton of her sweater started to darken as the spattering rain began to be absorbed. 503 more words

The Most Beautiful

Kurosawa Odyssey

Year: 1944

Studio: Toho Studios

Screenwriter: Akira Kurosawa

Cast: Yoko Yaguchi, Takashi Shimura, Takako Irie

Cinematographer: Joji Ohara

Music: Seiichi Suzuki

It’s almost forgivable to write off “The Most Beautiful” because Akira Kurosawa was creating a propaganda film for the Japanese government, and therefore was working within (I’m assuming) a very strict regime and with very clear boundaries. 1,455 more words


"The easiest kind of a job to cover was a murder because the stiff would be laying on the ground, he couldn't get up and be temperamental..."

Famous Photographers Tell How, Candid Recordings, 1958

Some of the photos Weegee speaks about and their original published context:

Weegee (1899-1968), , April 18, 1941 ( 1,421 more words

Fans In A Flashbulb

June 7 in San Antonio history...

1917 – World War I
Dallas leads all other cities of Texas in registrations under the selective draft law, according to complete figures from nine of the largest cities today. 118 more words


Nat King Cole's "D-Day" (1944)

“D-Day” (1944) by Nat King Cole. Released just one month after the event in question. It’s surprisingly upbeat for a song about D-Day, but its supposed to be a homefront morale booster.