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Eesti ajalugu - ilus ja valus

No ei leidnud kohe head tsitaati, mis sobiks kirjutada tänase postituse pealkirjaks. Miski pärast on nii kujunenud, et postituste pealkirjadeks lisan ma mõne tsitaadi. Seda kindlasti seepärast, kuna ma ise olen väga tsitaadi inimene – nad meeldivad mulle, neis on miski see peidetu, mida tuleb tihti otsida ridade vahelt. 555 more words


Eyewitness Museum, Beek

Eyewitness WO2 is a new privately owned museum, which has only been open since 2013. I came across it while researching a new battlefield tour for… 481 more words


For Want of an Airplane

As the war progressed in October 1944, the Allies were finally able to return to the Philippines, beginning with the island of Leyte and its one airfield, Tacloban. 408 more words


3.8.2015 The Three Caballeros

A bizarre film, really more just a collection of experiments colored by some kind of Latin America political maneuvering and the desire to make Donald Duck more lustful of humans. 26 more words

Fun with stamps . . .

As you well know, my wife and I are avid readers.  My wife is currently reading a paperback copy of the book “Make Room! Make Room!” by Harry Harrison.  160 more words

Meyer Manufacturing

The Farm and Industry Short Course students are lucky enough to get to tour many different farms and businesses that are related to their interests. There are many tours that they are able to take in the 15 weeks that they spend on campus and widen their horizons. 292 more words

Rope Climbing, U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois

This is a particularly interesting postcard.  It is a real photo postcard, printed by Grogan Photo in Danville, Illinois. If you look close on the left hand side, an arrow pointing to the head of a person has been drawn along with a written “me.” Is this the author of the postcard or a joke? 63 more words

Real Photo