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Haslam and Hurst.

One never tires of hearing this, fat bullshitter Ian Hurst and “my Dad was at ‘arrow” Derek Haslam on about “financial maaney” both a right pair of losers. 71 more words

The Handler (1947) by Ray Bradbury


A mortician’s inferiority complex leads him to defile his charges in various unpleasant ways. Can you guess who finally puts a stop to him? Unsurprising horror yarn, but thankfully not terribly explicit either. Cheapens the crime it exploits.

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The genocide of Sikhs

Sardar Inderbeer Singh of the Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir (IDA:JK) wrote on his Timeline of Facebook: “Saka nankana Saheb de shaheedaan nu yaad kardey hoiee saari sangat ikk vaar zarur likho ji < dhan gursikh shaheed> 657 more words

Kabhi bhoole se na poochhi man ki baat rasiya

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Las Vegas- 1947

Our family was beginning a new life together out West.  Harmen, my father, returned from the Pacific as a marine.  He stopped off in Las Vegas to visit a buddy before returning to his hometown, Buffalo, NY.  126 more words

Las Vegas


Director of Photography: Jack Cardiff

Directors: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Perfect Shots

The Digging at Pistol Key (1947) by Carl Jacobi


Jamaican voodoo and pirate treasure combine in this story about a disdainful Brit in Trinidad who kills his young black house-servant in a fit of temper and lives to regret it. 18 more words

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