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Edmond O'Brien Does It All … Directing and Terrorizing in Shield For Murder (1954)

Some villains chew the scenery, quite often stealing a film from the top billed actor. Then there are other heavies who are the top billed actor playing it straight without the tongue in cheek comments and the knowing wink at the camera. 1,219 more words


Time Well Spent: THREE HOURS TO KILL (Columbia 1954)

I don’t think you’ll find THREE HOURS TO KILL among anyone’s Top Ten Films list, or Top Ten Westerns, or even Top Ten Dana Andrews Movies. 810 more words

Cracked Rear Viewer

The File on Thelma Jordon (1950)

There is arguably no director who is, in retrospect, more important to the film movement that became classified as film noir than German emigre Robert Siodmak. 857 more words


Nightime on the Green Chain, Port Alberni 1951

Editor/Daughter’s Note: In my Dad’s journals of his memories he last wrote about getting married in Vancouver to my mom. 

When I was laid off after the summer season at…

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Natalie May Dashett

Catch some backstory on one of the characters of 2 Night Stay:

via Gilman Legacy page:

One of the Gilman Hotel’s most glamorous residents was certainly… 132 more words

The Gilman

Cocktails and Canapés : High Society (1956)

As stated before I am quite enamored with most things vintage and that includes classic movies. At least once a month I pick one movie and use this as an excuse to make a cocktail and canapé (appetizer or hors d’oeuvres if you prefer) from around the time the movie was released. 1,336 more words


All Along the Watchtower

Once a community stood up a Ground Observation Corps post, they needed an observation tower. Observation sites were ideally spaced 8 miles from each other. Obviously, this didn’t happen so neatly in real life for a number of reasons, mainly there are limits to how many volunteers could build and staff observation posts. 328 more words

Civil Defense