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The Hypnoglyph (1953) by John Anthony (John Ciardi)


Interstellar treasure hunter tells his captive audience of one how he acquired the prize of his collection, a small object with a strangely hypnotic quality. 8 more words

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Toofaanon se khele meri naao

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Vintage 1953 Coronation Souvenir Bensons Toffee Tin

Vintage 1953 Coronation Souvenir Bensons English Toffee Tin of Queen Elizabeth II made in England

This is a wonderful piece of history. You can find this item at the Chilliwack Museum & Archives! 161 more words


THE ROBE (1953)

Director of Photography: Leon Shamroy

Director: Henry Koster

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The Flying Machine (1953) by Ray Bradbury


With the protective shield of the Great Wall nearby, a Chinese Emperor in the year 400 reacts as might be expected to the wondrous sight of a man flying through the sky on wings of his own design. No surprises here.

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Perhaps 78 Years Ago Today... Weegee the detective... "One case that I broke concerned a girl..."

“One case that I broke concerned a girl who was going around holding up only Child’s Restaurants. (She must have like their blue-plate special.) She was making a monkey out of the cops… I remembered having photographed a girl about a year before , who had gotten into a knife fight with another girl over the affections of their mutual ‘Pineapple’ (pimp). 510 more words


Hey Shivshankar hey Pralayankar

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