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Magnani's First Trip to New York

New York, April 1953

In her comfortable hotel suite, a conservatively clad Miss Magnani smilingly indicated a seat and balanced herself rather tentatively against a chair near the window. 496 more words

Anna Magnani


New York, June 1953

Produced and directed by William Dieterle on an island off the coast of Southern Italy about three years ago, this picture originally was slated for release by Motion Picture Sales Corp. 969 more words

Anna Magnani

Summer with Monika and the never-ending struggle to “Live”.

Monika and Harry meet in a dreary bar, both disconcerted with their occupations and their plans for the future they sail away in an attempt to live free from the confines of city life. 352 more words


CIA admits role in 1953 Iranian coup

The CIA has publicly admitted for the first time that it was behind the notorious 1953 coup against Iran’s democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddeq, in documents that also show how the British government tried to block the release of information about its own involvement in his overthrow. 9,994 more words