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In 1821, the British Government took control of the British trading forts. In 1844, Fanti chiefs on the Gold Coast (as Ghana was then known) signed an agreement with the British that led to the colonial status for the coastal area. In 1902, the British succeeded in establishing firm control over the Ashanti region and making the northern territories a protectorate. In May 1956, Kwame Nkrumah's Gold Coast government issued a white paper with proposals for Gold Coast's independence. On 3 August 1956, the Gold Coast Assembly adopted Kwame Nkrumah's resolution demanding independence from Britain. The British Government stated it would agree to a firm date for independence if a reasonable majority for such a step were obtained in the Gold Coast Legislative Assembly after a general election. The 1956 election returned the Convention People's Party (CPP) to power with 71 of the 104 seats in the Legislative Assembly. Ghana became an independent state on March 6, 1957, when Britain relinquished its control over the Gold Coast and Ashanti, the Northern Territories Protectorate, and British Togoland. After a long period of colonial rule, the newly elected Assembly of Ghana, passed a motion directing the government to demand independence from Britain. As the opposition party was not part of the debate, the motion was passed with unanimous vote. The motion was also accepted by the British Government as representing the majority of the Assembly. On March 6, 1957 Ghana became the first Afrikan country to gain independence. For more information check out @blackbooklist for book suggestions and YouTube videos. #AfrikanHolyDay #AfrikanHolyDays #GhanaIndependence #GhanaIndependenceDay #MoorKush

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January 12, 2015: New Year lament

Monday night, January 12, 2015   3 a.m.  ice and snow?  – Welcome to a New Year. I last wrote Old and Older on December 30, 2014 – my last print out in my 2014 folder – that I started in May. 1,580 more words

Old And Older

The Light (1957) by Poul Anderson


Interesting idea will please some more than others in this tale of the men of the first moon landing discovering that they are not the first to walk the lunar surface, after all. 13 more words

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February 27 in San Antonio history...

“It’s A Wonderful Life” debuts at the Majestic Theater, two months and six days after its national premiere.

Sultry actress Mae West performs in person in the play “Diamond Lil” at the Texas Theater. 54 more words


Old Faithful ...

Here is Old Faithful Geyser out in Yellowstone National Park.  This was taken around 1957 and I am pretty sure that it looks the same today as it did 68 years ago when this image was taken.  161 more words


Blu-ray News #23: The Monster That Challenged The World (1957).

Directed by Arnold Laven
Starring Tim Holt, Audrey Dalton, Hans Conried, Barbara Darrow, Max Showalter, Harlan Warde, Gordon Jones, Jody McCrea

Big bug movies are a big deal around here. 71 more words

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