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Tainui - old photos


Photos ex Fraser Chapman

Ken Ricketts emailed in the above photos showing Tainui in the 1940’s & 1970’s.
There have been several posts on Tainui on ww (link below) but these photos deserved their own post, rather than be added to the existing. 112 more words


Auld Lang Syne

A group portrait of a new year’s eve party in the early 1960s.


New novel - Danny's Story - Chapter 16 - routine

This book is in its early stages. The first draft comes in at 45,000 words. I wrote it in a very short period of time as a stream of consciousness. 758 more words


New novel - Danny's Story - Chapter 15 - Jim's albums

Chapter 15 – Jim’s albums

Big Jim was every bit as big as big Alan but with a lot less flab. He had a main of long curly ginger hair and a ginger tash and always dressed well with a well-tailored tweed jacket, pressed open-neck shirt and cords with desert boots. 629 more words


Sorta Country

Like quite a few great Australians, including Pharlap, Tex Morton was actually a New Zealander.

Born in Nelson in 1916, he started performing at 14, and enjoyed success with travelling bands, playing and recording country songs. 353 more words

33 Rpm

Bette Davis eyes.... Joan throws shade

Gay men of age and drag queens all squealed on the inside because Hollywood legends Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange have signed on for new FX TV show called Feud. 183 more words

Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil in concert

A piece of history Few artists have occupied such a prominent place in the history of modern Brazilian music as Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil. Guitarists, singers and composers, the two musicians (both born in 1942) were also key figures in the popular tropicália movement in the 1960s, and have been close friends  and collaborators […]