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Dr.Strangelove Review

Stanley Kubrick’s Dr.Strangelove follows a psychopath army general Jack Ripper (Sterling Hayden) who thinks the Russians are hatching an international conspiracy to pollute precious body fluids and therefore orders an air strike on Russia. 949 more words


November 25 in San Antonio history...

World War I -1915
Heinie Schultz, a private in the German army, reached New York today from Rotterdam—a deserter and a stowaway aboard the Dutch steamer Noorderdyk. 192 more words


November 24 in San Antonio history...

World War I – 1915
A large reception committee, composed of nearly the entire garrison of troops plus many civilians from town, assembled on the maneuver field northeast of Fort Sam Houston this morning to welcome the American aeroplane squadron, under command of lieutenant B.  118 more words


FlinterFile: The Searchers- Needles And Pins

In 1964, The Searchers recorded a cover of Jackie DeShannon. She did not have a big hit with the song, since it spread like a wave across the USA. 66 more words


Anecdote - Hans and the Rolling Stones

Hans and the Rolling Stones

Hans was a huge German youth who adored the Rolling Stones. He’d never heard them before but took an instant liking to them and became besotted after just one listening. 311 more words


Anecdote - Hitch-hiking in France without the Hitch-hiking

Hitch-hiking in France without the Hitch-hiking

It rapidly became apparent that we had most of the things we needed. Life was idyllic. We had great food, wine, facilities, music and French culture. 727 more words


Self-Determination vs. Government Regulation and Reagan’s Rise to the Presidency

The video focuses on self-determination and concludes with Reagan’s rise to the presidency.

Ronald Reagan understood that America’s strength comes from our people and not from our government. 205 more words