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1966 And All That - Take 2!

One for your diaries. We’ll be announcing the diverse and frankly stellar line up in the coming days. For now, here’s another Take 2 from 1966…


Night of the Living Dead! - Part One of a Series

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I seriously can not say anything more about Night of the Living Dead. It is a classic and wonderful film – it has been examined and reported on so much that all one can do is to watch it and love it. 308 more words

Micro - Macro




micro – macro

Hari ini berita pelanggaran HAM lagi-lagi muncul. Kali ini kejadian di Pelabuhan Sape, Bima, Lombok. Polisi memberondong rakyat, yang dituding memboikot pelabuhan, dengan senapan laras panjang, bukan dengan arah vertikal sebagaimana layaknya peringatan tetapi demgan arah horizontal. 483 more words


On Her Bed of Roses and The Incredible Sex Revolution - Part One of A Few Historical Ads Celebrating the Recent Release

1-21-66, playing at the Capri theater ran by Tom Dowd who is part of the HG Lewis story (Some of his Nudies were with his help including Alley Tramp!). 223 more words

A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine IS Fine Art! 9-23-66, Lubbock, TX

9-23-66 also had David F. Friedman’s classic A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine appearing at the Fine Arts Drive In in Lubbock, TX, a place that I will be highlighting soon. 36 more words

Ed Wood's Orgy of the Dead invades Littletown, PA's Monocacy DI, 9-23-66 - This Day in Exploitation History

While directed by AC Stephens (Stephen Apostolof), Orgy of the Dead is seriously the vision of Writer Ed Wood, Jr. all the way. Entering his days in the Adult Movie industry in it’s Nudie stages, later to go Porno in The 70’s, Wood’s unique world would be a perfect fit for the Over-18 Set as it also went into numerous books sold at “Bookstores” through the years. 413 more words