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Moby Grape: Black Currant Jam

Black Currant Jam is representative of most of the remainder of Grape Jam. It’s just kinda … jammy. It is what it is. It’s pretty nice. 188 more words

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Η δολοφονία του Ρόμπερτ Κένεντι

Το 1968, oι προεδρικές εκλογές των Ηνωμένων Πολιτειών σπιλώθηκαν από αίμα. Οι δολοφονίες του Μάρτιν Λούθερ Κινγκ και του υποψηφίου για το χρίσμα των Δημοκρατικών Ρόμπερτ Φ. 29 more words


Moby Grape: Never

“Working from eleven to seven every night ought to make life a drag. Now I know that ain’t right.”

I did a Moby Grape vinyl digitization marathon a couple years ago, before I started making a big social deal of doing them.

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Classic Rock

Night of the Living Dead (1968) [Zombie Classic]

Ah, zombies. A creature so famous, it is an integral aspect of pop culture. Its iconographic status has been revitalized time and time again: from the brain-eaters of… 650 more words

Film Review

Jean Seberg and Maurice Ronet

A frigid beauty (Miss Seberg) arrives in Peru in the midst of a round-the-world trip in search of fulfilment, accompanied by her husband and his chauffeur, who complete a masochistic menage a trois. Roger Ebert.