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And The Phoenix Rose Again

Andrew Embling takes a look back at the day Manchester United became the first English side to lift the European Cup.

Ten years on from the tragedy in Munich, Manchester United stood on the threshold of history. 567 more words

Manchester United

An impressive, four-tier, practical set for The Diary of Anne Frank

Kansas, 1968.

Stage direction: The curtain rises on an empty stage. It is late afternoon, November 1945. The rooms are dusty, the curtains in rags. 414 more words


Sexy Sadie - John (3/3)


John couldn’t say he was surprised. Of all the cardinal sins, lust would have to be the most likely catalyst of any sort of worldly desire, carnal or otherwise. 917 more words

#288: Grateful Dead, 'Anthem of the Sun' [1968] **

This is probably the closet the Dead ever came to capturing their concert vibe in the studio… unfortunately, this disc sounds like the live Dead at their worst: self indulgent, meandering and pointless. 16 more words


#289: The Kinks, 'Something Else by the Kinks' [1968] ***

I’ve always felt that the Kinks are just OK. This album is definitely just OK. (Except for “Waterloo Sunset”, which is fantastic.)