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Lousy O.B. Cha Cha

Beautiful cabaret hostesses, big boob revue dancers, banquets and booze – those regular festive Dinner & Dance parties hosted by our company’s stevedore contractor for our staff, were extravagant affairs  staged at the… 1,002 more words


Sold For A Song

(This is the sequel to “Burning Cash Like Hell Banknotes” – Posted in 1970’s )

It was time to face the truth when I realized I could not sustain the never ending expenditure on sound equipment upgrades as audio technology advanced by leaps and bounds: High-Fidelity (“Hi-Fi”) was a hobby for folks with deep pockets. 1,076 more words


The Exile Waiting (1975) by Vonda N. McIntyre

Disorienting and blurry, the subterranean world of Vonda McIntyre’s The Exile Waiting (1975) hosts a confusion of social structures that aren’t easily deciphered. The first few chapters are especially complicated as the first act winds its way through a series of tunnels and bends and broken thoughts as Mischa resists Gemmi’s empathic tugs, rescues a self-destructive Chris, and observes the so-called normalcy of this alien place called Center. 638 more words

Science Fiction

Let's Go Back to the Hugos! 1976!

It’s Hugo Week! And it’s not that big of a deal! So you know what that means… it’s time to go… Back to the Hugos! 519 more words

Hugo Awards

The Computer Connection (1975) by Alfred Bester

Bester. If you’ve had any experience with his short fiction, or even his most famous novel, the first ever Hugo-winning novel, The Demolished Man (1952), you know he unleashes his prose at a gallop, with punchy, dynamic lingo that jabs, cuts, and bruises with unrelenting speed. 508 more words

Science Fiction

Doorways in the Sand (1976) by Roger Zelazny

Bits and pieces. Pieces–

Splayed and static, dry-throated, stomach churning, a red-eyed study in Bruise and bacteria, at some 12,000 feet with a Speicus of my own, I reflect upon the whispered taunts: DID YOU REVIEW ME YET? 303 more words

Science Fiction

Burning Cash Like Hell Banknotes

As a Hi-Fi hobbyist, I bought, traded-in, and sold stereo-system components frequently. Hi-Fi – or high-fidelity – was about faithful audio recording and reproduction in the new medium: stereophonic dual-channels. 1,022 more words