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Better early than never

My husband and I share a lot of things. A love of cats, cafe au lait, and bad Burt Reynolds movies (a redundancy, I know) to name a few. 699 more words

Inside No. 9 Review: Series Three: ‘The Devil of Christmas’

*contains spoilers*

“I very nearly didn’t do this film, but there was so little work around I felt I couldn’t say no. The week before I’d had a meeting about Worzel Gummidge, but Pertwee had his favourites. 3,132 more words

Reece Shearsmith

Eight Days of Christmas, Day 5: Christmas with the Fonz

On the fifth day of Christmas, TMP brings to you… the Cunninghams and their pal Fonz, too! That’s right, folks, we’re taking a trip back to the ’50s — by way of the ’70s — and visiting one of the holiday-themed episodes of the long-running sitcom… 527 more words

Re-watch Reviews


My father had a stock response whenever any of his offspring asked him a question about, well, you name it. “NOYDB,” he would reply which meant, of course, “None of your damn business.” He  661 more words

The 24 Hour Rule

Back in our younger days, I think it would be fair to describe both my husband and myself as fairly impulsive people. Not impulsive in an especially dangerous kind of way, but more in the sense that when one of us got a bright idea, the other was all too apt to say, “Yes! 720 more words

How I spent my summer vacation 

Studies all over the place have been claiming that reading helps people live longer, fight Alzheimer’s and generally makes you an all over better human being.

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