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Hawkwind - Motorhead (1975)

Motorhead” was the last song Lemmy wrote before leaving Hawkwind to form Motorhead in 1975.

Originally appearing as the B-Side of Hawkwind’s “ 46 more words

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Everything Is Beautiful - Even Computer Components

The Computer Age is an informational brochure providing a short, but concise, story of the evolution of IBM computers from 1951 to 1976 (the year of publication). 144 more words

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Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter

I felt like a Hammer Horror film last night, and found this entertaining 1974 film.

Captain Kronos is a dashing professional vampire hunter (played by a German actor who does a jolly good British accent), assisted by Hieronymus Grost, a professor with a hunchback. 189 more words


backtrack; Le planète sauvage (1973)

Cruel, naive, original. This animated french/czech cooperation is a strange combination of speciesism and surrealism with unmistakably East Blocish atmosphere.

Allegorical in tone, weird in looks and sound. 11 more words

Scream and Scream Again

If you’re not worried about a film making sense until the very end, and even then just barely, then Scream and Scream Again is a pretty enjoyable romp. 1,947 more words


andi: first memories (1969-1972)

my first childhood memory is riding my tricycle around in loveland when i was about 3 years…. i could be wrong about the location, but we’ll stick with that for now. 1,697 more words