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The Hill Hawk

In creating and developing the principles of The Hill over time the Hill Hawk has been as central as Mt. Olympus and Zeus.  The Hill Hawk has been coupled with ideas like spirit, loyalty, class, and sportsmanship in banners, uniforms, and songs to create a cohesive image in the minds of all those impressionable young men and relate to them the qualities important to being a Hillman. 572 more words


The Hill Pagoda

In the far eastern tradition pagodas were ceremonial places of worship and contemplation.  At Saginaw they lacked the liturgical aspect but we were always big on contemplating things. 411 more words



It has been 40 years since Jaws first hit the cinemas and to this day, Spielberg’s classic thriller is the benchmark for what a successful summer blockbuster should be. 430 more words


Blood, Sweat, and Fears: Horror Inspired by the 1970s - Out now!

Dig deep into the dread-filled decade of the 1970s with this newest anthology from Nosetouch Press!

The 1970s were a transitional decade. The hangover from the swinging 1960s, and before the plastic, neon decadence of the 1980s. 79 more words


The Doctor who fell to Earth: looking back at the classic Doctor Who serial, "Spearhead From Space" by Robert Holmes (1970)

With the departure of Patrick Troughton in 1969  Doctor Who  teetered on the edge of cancellation  as the ratings had  fallen  to not much above 5 million for his  final  ten part serial, “The War Games”.  1,915 more words

Doctor Who


The Dramatics (formerly The Dynamics) are an American soul music vocal group, formed in Detroit, Michigan, in 1964. They are best known for their 1970s hit songs “In the Rain” and “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get”, both of which were Top 10 Pop hits,[1] as well as their later 1993 collaboration Doggy Dogg World with Snoop Dogg, a top 20 hit on the Billboard Rhythmic Top 40. 760 more words