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An absence of Kipling

In June 2016, fifty-two per cent of the seventy-two per cent of British electors who could be bothered to vote cast their ballot to advise the government that they wished the UK to resign its membership of the European Union. 803 more words


…Sewing for My Little Motor Boy

My son sees what I do when it comes to creating and sewing.  Happily for me, he seems to pretty well understand and appreciate it…especially when he becomes the recipient!  1,704 more words


That Time Doctor Doom and Magneto Competed for the Right to Conquer the World

It’s no secret that I had a deep love for Doctor Victor Von Doom. He’s not just my favorite supervillain of all time, he’s pretty damn high up on my list of favorite comics books characters, and favorite fictional characters. 3,005 more words

Marvel Madness