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8.16.2016 Melvin and Howard

This is one of those movies that I had always meant to see – probably from all of those PTA interviews. But I just hadn’t gotten to it and I’m glad I finally did. 52 more words


The Greek Final was held on March 10th at the ERT TV Studios in Peania, hosted by Vassilis Tsivilikas. The winning song was chosen by a jury of people who awarded each song a mark out of 10. 152 more words


Elvis Costello - Get Happy!!

ARTIST: Elvis Costello                        

TITLE:  Get Happy!!



SINGLES: I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down (#4 UK), High Fidelity (#30 UK), New Amsterdam (#36) 249 more words

Grade: A



Blondie – Rapture (1980)

Throwback Thursday: Olivia Newton John's "Xanadu" (1980)

No, I was never a fan of Olivia Newton John, nor am I old enough to recall her stardom in any great detail.  I need to mention “Xanadu” at least once here at this blog, however, as it is forever linked in my mind with the summer of 1980. 258 more words

1980 Honda CB 900 C Custom Main Wiring Harness

1980 Honda CB 900 C Custom Main Wiring Harness

The Main Wiring Harness typically runs the length of the bike, connecting all the electrical components of the bike, either directly or through sub-harnesses (e.g Gauge Harness, Engine Harness, etc.) The Condition of this part is Used. 37 more words

THOUGHTS: Stranger Things

Every now and then, something comes around that you just can’t stop thinking about. Whether it be a film, a book, a boy, a really good cake (I’m guilty of obsessing over all of the above), it consumes you and clouds your brain like a fog that just won’t lift. 456 more words