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Side After Side, After Side, After Side, After Side... After Side

Last night we made wantons. We made wantons and listened to all six sides of The Clash’s 1980 overwhelming masterpiece, Sandinista!. We prepped, we cooked, well, boiled, and we listened… to all six sides. 47 more words


Start with the Backbeat: A Musical Novel by Garinè B. Isassi Book Review 4.5☆

Start with the Backbeat: A Musical Novel by Garinè B. Isassi


From Amazon: “It is the spring of 1989 in New York City when Jill Dodge, a post-punk rocker from Texas, finally gets her big promotion at Mega Big Records. 331 more words

Book Review

Atari Centipede - Weekend Pickup!

You have to move quickly when you get a sniff of acquiring a classic arcade cabinet that’s been stored away somewhere. As a fellow collector/restorer always reminds me, … 874 more words


Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho and the Question of Madness

On the 29th of April 1980, Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock died aged 80 in Bel Air, California. Justifiably crowned with the title of the master of suspense, he produced and directed some of the most i… 9 more words


Auto Age: Standoff is MOBA with cars

There was a time when MOBA was very popular, then there was a time when everyone tried to make MOBA and now we are living in a time where everyone still tries to make a MOBA, but just sligthly differently than others (innovating). 52 more words