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The Smiths: New photo exhibition at Salford Lads Club

Pic by Colin Howe via bbc.com as part of an exhibit at the Salford Lads Club in Manchester of unseen pictures of The Smiths from 1983.


Memories are made of this.. 1983.. Mountains, Billie Jean and Flashdance.

It is 1983, and I am now 30 years old and more settled than I have ever been. Having moved into our new house in Southport early in 1982 we were able to relax and enjoy our first Christmas at the end of the year with our very small tree but a glass or two of champagne for breakfast! 562 more words


Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)

Smith’s Verdict: ***

Reviewed by Tanner Smith

It’s often that the final chapters of trilogies are usually the weakest (with a few exceptions, of course), with examples usually being “The Godfather Part III” and “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.” The possible answer as to why that’s usually the case is the filmmakers/storytellers played their cards too early and what brilliance they crafted before pale in comparison due to less innovation and so few new things to offer. 877 more words

Three Stars ***

On this Day in History

On this Day in History in 1983: World’s greatest robbery 26 million pounds worth of gold, diamonds & cash stolen from the Brink’s-Mat warehouse at Heathrow Airport, England.

Donna Summer - She Works Hard For The Money

Donna Summer – She Works Hard For The Money – 1983

I think this is my favorite song by Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco. Maybe that’s because it’s really not as disco-heavy as the rest of her major hits. 37 more words


Paris en fête, Paris en poème, Paris en chanson.

It’s been more than a week. A week of sorrow. A week of mourning.
A week of fear, too. And yet, a week of life, of joy, of culture, of support. 621 more words


Neil Young: Everybody's Rockin'

Doesn’t actually rock. He sticks too much to the 50s rock aesthetic that he adds no real fire to it. It’s very short. Not even an album. 24 minutes.