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Ric Flair vs. Jumbo Tsuruta, 6/8/1983

This is a Best of Three Falls match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

This is their big talked up classic match, but their 1982 match did more for me. 317 more words


The Funks vs. Stan Hansen/Bruiser Brody, 4/20/1983

Once again very fun, and the feud delivers again. Dory and Brody are obvious weak links, but the contribute a few moments here and there. They start off with some great Terry stuff, but then Dory gets isolated and beaten up. 129 more words


Stan Hansen vs. Terry Funk, 4/14/1983

This is an awesome ten minute set up to an awesome angle. Match is fantastic while it lasts. Terry sells ear damage early on and it’s that classic kind of Terry Funk wobbling and uncomfortably realistic selling. 83 more words


Times Of Our Lives: 1983 - Pills And Soap

The Imposter. Elvis Costello’s pseudonym certainly captured the music industry at the time, perfectly. There was more mascara and foundation on a Thursday night on Top of the Pops than you would see in Cinderella Rockerfellas at the weekend. 778 more words

Dad's Jukebox

La infancia recordada

Leyendo “Los lemmings”, cuento de Fabián Casas, comienzo a recordar lo que podría ser mi primer recuerdo. O uno de los primeros. O al menos lo que en algún momento consideré mi primer recuerdo. 428 more words