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Black Truth and The Hair Hat Mafia in Chicago

The only difference between the new Chicago and the old Chicago is that they new Chicago run by woke justice no longer tries to hide their fraud. 305 more words


Dumping buckets of water on and throwing garbage at cops NOT the leading cause of death for young black men, study finds

But maybe it should be.

I respect the rule of law and by extension I respect law enforcement officers who follow the law while enforcing the law. 347 more words


Wednesday's Theme Music

Today’s song popped into my stream as I was walking and remembering my dreams. It’s a fitting rebellion song for teenagers, husbands, wives, dejected voters…whatever. 32 more words

Pop Culture

Democrats worried their 'concentration camps' at the border will turn into long-term dormitory housing


When someone is bleeding, what to do with all of the spilt blood should be a secondary concern to stopping the bleeding. When families were being detained just outside the border of the U.S. 389 more words


Lost interesting in reading

Sad, but true. I have the good/bad habit of buying books because they look interesting and then leaving them on my shelf.

I loose myself in book sales, knowing very well that I won’t read any. 441 more words



Poor Reflector. Never was an early TF so brutally side lined. His one good scene in the comics and he (or part of him. we’ll get to that) spends it lying on the floor. 1,553 more words


My Top 5 Favorite Classic Novels

By Ally Bolender
Web Content Contributor

I know that it can be hard to stay interested in classic novels due to their elevated language or outdated scenarios, so I am introducing some of my favorite page-turners that are relatively easy to follow and relate to. 940 more words

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