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Good Morning August 25

I use Comcast for my internet service. The home page on Comcast, like most internet services, has a whole array of news, entertainment, and other items of supposed interest. 168 more words

Good Morning

A new app can now track whether a dog walker is walking the dog.

A new app can now track whether a dog walker is walking the dog. But brother strikes again… What happened to trust? Where we trust that 90% of people do their jobs, so there is no need for micromanagement? 14 more words


George Orwell from the grave

George Orwell (Eric Blair) gave this interview while dying of TB on the isle of Jura. He had just published his final classic ‘1984’. In the 1930’s Orwell had gone to Spain to fight for the Spanish anarchist revolution, he was badly wounded by shrapnel and spent significant amount of time in hospital there. 251 more words


1984 by George Orwell - Review

I’m not gonna lie, I got this book from one of my closest friends as a birthday present, and I put off reading for around 6 months because its a classic and meant to be really dark and just not an easy read (which I agree with by the way) and I’ve been reading “Wuthering Heights” for what feels like forever, I mean  138 more words


Giorgio Moroder - Ivory Tower in #eurowednesday

Giorgio Moroder is an Italian composer of electronic music. This is the movie version of the famous score from the movie “The neverending story”:

This is the soundtrack version:


Gremlins 1984 WIP Update 4

Gremlin WIP Test by Adam Beamish on Sketchfab

Just a small update. Minor changes and a test upload of the 123D Sculpt+ model to Sketchfab. As always for correct lighting it is best to view Sketchfab models on a PC or Mac.

123D Creature

Uninteresting Series: Dystopian Novels! - 1984


This novel is one that probably needs no introduction, but I’ll give one anyway. George Orwell’s 1984 is one that schools commonly assign. Written during the cold war, Orwell writes about a dystopian future where a totalitarian government makes sure everything is in check. 1,754 more words