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Nahodilost života. Jeden by řekl. Několik dní jsem neopustil můj pokoj a jenom pečlivě komponoval hudbu do další desky. Texturu po textuře. A pak vyjdu ven do téměř noci a hudba najednou reflektuje to, co vlastně cítím. 24 more words

The Netherworld Oligarchy – Who is Your Government Really Serving?

(A excellent piece on the nexus between corporations and the government (all for one and one for all)

By  Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing Writer for… 1,111 more words

Current Affairs

Robot Employment Act

As I mentioned  in the previous post, I’ve been working on increasing the amount of online content in my introductory biostatistics course; this is part my plan to convert the course into a hybrid course, one which is at least 50% online. 11 more words


Tory Newspeak?

On the one hand………..

Government targets six-figure public sector payoffs

The Government will announce plans to curb public sector payouts in the Queen’s Speech. Credit: REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett… 516 more words

Deviating from the Religious Norm

Heresy is deviating from religious norm of a region’s dominant force. Protestants protested against the Roman Catholic Church; mainly due to indulgences. Eventually, due to erosion of power, … 583 more words



Hezká tvář. Nic uvnitř. Má přítele. Mně je to jedno. Jsem zklamaný z dávné doby. Nějak přežívám. Momentálně piji. A budu pít. Není mi dobře, ale není to špatné. 17 more words

Like a Virgin - Madonna (1984)

I realized just shortly after listening to Madonna’s Rebel Heart that I no longer truly enjoyed her new music. It was a slow and eventual process that started after… 663 more words