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One well-known element of Orwell’s classic novle, 1984, is the idea of Doublethink. In the book,  Big Brother, the apparent leader of the state, fosters (or brainwashes) Doublethink into the citizens. 198 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Stalking and molesting the body politic

In this fetid age of permanent Neoliberal Big Brother Government, there is no social problem, perceived or otherwise, that can’t be solved with punitive legislation, sanctions or surveillance. 327 more words


Digital Future Nightmares: Childhood Health and Fitness

A “nightmarish” vision of a future in which technology makes physical education more boring, judgmental and narrow is driving a new study by a University of Queensland… 448 more words
Eco Living

W...W...W...Wednesday... May 27th

As I start my new job next Monday, or at least the orientation of it (I’m going to be a library assistant! Yay!), this coming weekend will be the last of my current book consumption trend. 371 more words

Misguided Angel

1984 by George Orwell Review

Recommended for: fans of dystopian novels—this is what they’re all copying!

Read from May 05 to 19, 2015


Spoiler Review here



If I hadn’t been assigned this book my second semester of my senior year of high school, I maybe would have read it more thoroughly. 172 more words


Big brother came as a result of an on-line game? Bet no one saw that coming?

Ya, I get it. It’s all about money, it’s all about the technology, it’s all about being with the in group, on-line, wa-hoo.
Ya, no, it’s really not. 850 more words

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

I have struggled summarizing Red Rising. It’s complex and a lot happens. Most of which is important. Please accept my humble summary.

Darrow is a Red. 1,246 more words