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My grandmother Lydia Jane GROCH was born in 1906 in Hawker, South Australia. Her mother was Christina GROCH, her father was “unknown” according to her birth certificate. 216 more words

Money IS an object

Struck me a few minutes ago:

My 6.4 came without a power steering pump.

It looks like the donor car had EHPS or Electro Hydraulic Power Steering. 111 more words



Dir: Mark L. Lester, 1985


Let’s get one thing straight…this…is…the greatest film…ever made!

I’ve had to give it 20/10 because 10 is just too low a score. 1,333 more words

dyr #8 : Angel’s Egg

No matter what anyone says, anime is primarily a pop culture vehicle, a marketing tool to promote an already established manga, toy line, established franchise, or at times, a video game. 714 more words


Jean Chaine & his Ulterior Lux (1985) Distant Sun (LP) Keta Music KM-269

Jean Chaine
& his Ulterior Lux

Distant Sun

Keta Music KM-269
recorded September – October 1984

Rating:**** (Recommended)

Enjoyable set of avant-garde jazz, or as the sleeve calls it: avant-classic, Chaine’s electric bass dominating the selections but plenty of other sounds, cello and percussion, Rob Schuh contributing drums on one selection, Dimthings offering his drumming to another, most cuts featuring only Chaine, the leader using electric guitar on one selection, recorder, tube horn, and voice on another. 88 more words

Music Reviews

Come for videos, stay for giphy magic, and read about a song that’s one part tap dance, one part aerobics, and all awesome!

And watch a legend dance! 29 more words