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Nightcrawler #2 (1985, December)

Even though I work tonight, I’m still giving you a review. By Cockrum, “A Boggie Day in L’un Dun-T’wn.”

Shagreen’s ship arrives in L’un Dun-T’wn. Nightcrawler is taken to a lab and strapped down. 616 more words


The Curing of a Bibliomaniac part 23: Boating for Beginners (Jeanette Winterson, 1985)

Books left: 3. Weeks left: 6 (just keep swimming).

‘I’d rather play Battleships but we haven’t any graph paper, have we?’
They hadn’t, and so they were forced to talk about the Space-Time Continuum, and whether or not you should write books which clearly fixed themselves into time or books which flouted the usual notion of time in order to clear the mind of arbitrary divisions.
674 more words


Altar Boys: When You're A Rebel

Tracks: 1. Difference In Me; 2. More Of You; 3. Calling Out To Believers!; 4. When I’m With God; 5. I’m Into God (Reprise); 6. When You’re A Rebel; 7. 194 more words

U: Unchain the Night

“Never unchain the night
Don’t tell me that the love is strong”

We are going to feature another hair band today, although I don’t really classify Dokken as a hair band.

186 more words

Song of the day: 24 April 2015

In 1985, the album Behind the Sun from Eric Clapton was released. The marriage of Eric Clapton was not too good at the time of the album, so most of the songs had a sombre tone. 52 more words

Song Of The Day

Stryper: Soldiers Under Command

Tracks: 1. Soldiers Under Command; 2. Makes Me Wanna Sing; 3. Together Forever; 4. First Love; 5. The Rock That Makes Me Roll; 6. Reach Out; 7. 155 more words


On this day in 1985, Prince and the Revolution’s followup to the massively successful Purple Rain album was released with little fanfare. Prince had asked that Warner Brothers release… 2,314 more words