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Uncanny X-Men #199 (1985, November)

Today, by Claremont and JRJr, “The Spiral Path.”

Scott’s visiting the school, and getting a work-out in the Danger Room. He uses one of his ridiculous multiple-bank shots to hit the deactivation switch, which impresses even Wolverine. 1,255 more words


My Top 5 Books.

Along with New Media, I study English in University so obviously I’m an avid reader so what harm would a small list of my five favourite books do? 477 more words


The World Of Holograms: A Proper Introduction

The World Of Holograms arrived in Scarborough in 1985 – the same year in which Kinderland opened. Only one year earlier Scarborough Zoo had been rebranded as… 498 more words

Making a Museum

Today’s blog is unashamedly about your museum which is now thirty years old. The museum is housed in the old school master’s cottage which was, handily, built just behind the school. 288 more words


New Passion Pit Video - "Lifted Up (1985)"

Passion Pit has just shared a video for their single, “Lifted Up (1985),” from their forthcoming album, Kindred, due out April 28.

The video perfectly captures the sticky-sweet, one-hand-on-your-heart, one-hand-in-the-sky dancefloor euphoria of the song. 109 more words