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VHS Collecting #3: Godzilla 1985

Ah! Run! Godzilla is attacking us again! Save the banks and money first. Then if there is time maybe the sports stadium. Don’t forget about our drapes! 602 more words


Exxplorer - Symphonies of Steel (1985)

Yus! Bring on the obscure 80’s, American power metal. I’m never fucking sick of these bands. Cue New Jersey band Exxplorer.

What really stands out to me about this Exxplorer album is they don’t lean so heavily on the NWOBHM style that so many bands drew inspiration from. 171 more words


Newsweek Sep 16 1985 South Africa: What Can Be Done? Nuke'm Titanic

Newsweek Sep 16 1985 South Africa: What Can Be Done? Nuke’m Titanic

Total Inventory Of Five To Ten Million Items Featuring Comic Books; Magazines; Books; Brewermania; 13 more words

Review - Cocoon (1985)

While the “Fountain of Youth” may be a popular tool for stories, you’ve probably never seen it handled like it was in Cocoon…and you probably never will again, making this more than 30 year old film an undying icon for what seems to be…all time. 538 more words

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That's Why I'm Here - James Taylor (1985)

When I was growing up during the ’80s, James Taylor was one of those artists who’s music was still associated with the lighter end hippie movement. 401 more words


Gimme that Burzootie, Baby

Well, it’s Tuesday, and it has felt like a Friday for the past three weeks. So, among other things much less noteworthy, let’s, at least for a moment, give an awkward nod to MCA & Burzootie (Adam Yauch and Jay Burnett) on their 1985 12″ … 46 more words


Glacier - Glacier (1985)

My affection for 80’s US power metal knows no bounds. There’s just so much of it out there and some really off the beaten path, short lived, killer bands that are completely lost in time. 333 more words