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Kicking ass, taking names 1986 style

Checking in with the Ladies’ Blue Jays in the Sporting News’ 1986: Take Two challenge, we find that despite a few recent struggles, the Ladies’ still remain first in the AL East with a record of 65-49. 31 more words


Hit n Run

In the Sporting News replay of the 1986 season, guess who is dominating the game? The Ladies’ Toronto Blue Jays. Our own Texas Gal is managing those boys like Tony LaRussa, except she doesn’t pass out drunk in her truck and she also knows her alphabet. 141 more words


Bringing the Heat: 1986 Toronto Blue Jays

The baseball offseason is a long, lonely and chilly period. Baseball fans are forced to obsess over the minutiae of Hot Stove baseball: whether the third-best middle reliever on your team will file for free agency, the theoretical pros and cons of a six-man rotation, how many different teams will diss A-Rod before he goes crawling back to the Yankees. 2,111 more words

Texas Gal