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Old Junk is My Life

Visa Buxx was supposed to revolutionize allowance. It was a “reloadable” spending card for kids and teens. While that particular notion never took off, the idea of the pre-paid credit card did happen to stay with us. 323 more words

1986 Honda VF 1100 C V65 Magna Top Triple Tree

1986 Honda VF 1100 C V65 Magna Top Triple Tree

The Top Triple Tree serves as the upper mount point for the Front Forks. The center mount of the Top Triple Tree slips over the Steering Stem, which is part of the Lower Triple Tree. 78 more words

Line(s) of the Day #FerrisBuellersDayOff

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) in the much-loved 80s classic… 28 more words

Alex Raphael


Nombre / Alias: Sophie Mei / Inge Igmar / Adela Mansfeld / Adela Hanzalova
Nacida en: Rep. Checa (1986)
Talla: 34GG (Naturales)
Categoría: Modelo
Links: DDF-Busty / XX-Cel


Platoon (1986 #3 Box Office and Oscar Winner)

 Bechdel-Wallace Test
  1. Does the movie have at least two named female characters?
    • No, there aren’t any named female characters.  Chris Taylor frequently writes to his grandmother, but she is neither named or seen on-screen. 
  2. 286 more words

Throwback Thursday - Genesis - Land Of Confusion #TBT

From the group Genesis this takes a hard look at the events of the day in the 1980’s. There was a lot of confusion as to what was good and bad, much like today.

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