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Phil Niekro Success!

I sent a request to Phil earlier in 2016 and received back his price list.  At the time, I wasn’t considering sending off money for autos but clearly my goals have changed.   93 more words

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Snow Day!

This morning my wife and I were lurched into a semi-alert state this morning by (what seemed like) an earth shattering crash to the roof of our house.   192 more words

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2017 Welcome!

Once again I have taken a bunch of time off here – nothing has been forgotten and the project steams forward.  For a time, I had tinkered with posting main updates on different card and autograph forums however there is just not going on with any of those. 698 more words

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Some good - some bad - updates none the less

There is still a trickle at the mailbox and I do finally have the completed set checklist put together and aligned with all of the cards I need to (sort of) complete this set…er complete this attempt and see where it takes us. 289 more words

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Back in time - May Update

Falling a bit behind – I blame my daughter for making the Majors Softball All-Star Team (as the youngest member and only fifth grader I might add – bragging fatherly plug) and work for being so damn busy and productive (thinly veiled pat on the back). 61 more words

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Nolan Ryan (1987 - Topps #757)

Lynn Nolan Ryan, Jr. (The Ryan Express) was a major league pitcher, brought up by the New York Mets (1966, ’68 – ’71) and eventually ended up pitching for the California Angels (1972 –’79), the Houston Astros  (1980 – ’88) and the Texas Rangers (1989 – ’93) during his record 27 year career. 165 more words

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