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Leonard Part 6

Leonard Part 6. 1987. Dir. Paul Weiland. With Bill Cosby, Tom Courtenay, Joe Don Baker, Moses Gunn, Pat Colbert, Gloria Foster, Victoria Rowell, Anna Thomson, David Maier, Grace Zabriskie and Jane Fonda. 952 more words


Asesino Nocturno (1987)

Sometimes, your quest for Mexican gold is fruitful. Other times, you discover movies like this, which translates as Night Killer. If you’re thinking — I bet this is a lot like a giallo, you’d be right. 151 more words

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March 1987

Sunday, March 1, 1987: Woke at 6:20, read paper & never did go back to sleep. Got up at 8:15, had breakfast. Brushed teeth, etc., dressed & got ready to go to church. 4,703 more words


February 1987

Sunday, February 1, 1987: Woke up several times, finally got up about 8:40. Had breakfast, did dishes. Dressed, finished my letter to Nancy. Sat & talked with Alice, had lunch. 3,478 more words


January 1987

From Cindy Dear Grandma I came over and you wern’t awake but your Door was unlocked and I got my animals and took them home. 4,386 more words


Mr Magic & Marley Marl - Rap Attack WBLS Early June 1987

Okay, first up, we usually pride ourselves on our restoration results but from the jump, the quality of this classic Summer 87 recording sucked butt through a long straw; Distortion, crappy reception etc. 405 more words

Marley Marl

The Lighthorsemen

The Australians make good horse movies. And why not? As  in America, the horse was an essential element in exploring and settling a huge continent; it’s part of the national folklore, and the Australians, like the Americans, enjoy celebrating the horse in film. 486 more words