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this day in the yesteryear: Zoot Suit Riots Come to an End (1943)

Zoot Suit Riots Come to an End (1943)

Named for the style of clothing favored by the mainly Mexican-American victims of these clashes, the Zoot Suit Riots erupted between American servicemen stationed in Los Angeles, California, during World War II and the city’s minority residents. 42 more words

BlissVille Fridays: "Police And Thieves In The Streets (Oh Yeah!)"


Yet another angry, political episode of BlissVille Fridays with me and Andrew. We always get to these things a week or a couple of weeks after they actually happen, so we can only hope the anger and the violence has died down (or at least quieted down). 131 more words


The Inevitable Explosion Again

Sometimes breaking news is no surprise. The surprise is that what had to happen sooner or later did happen, as this particular moment, but we’ve been here before. 3,606 more words

Race In America

Ferguson Revisited: Back to the Future '92 L.A. Riots

Blogger’s Note: In this post, I examine parallels between the 2014 Ferguson and 1992 Los Angeles Riots borrowing a theme from a 1985 comic science fiction movie, “ 3,601 more words

Emergency Response

"Don't Shoot...Oops. Too Late."

A week after Michael Brown was shot multiple times and killed for reasons that remain unknown, Ferguson Police Department Police Chief Thomas Jackson held a press conference which accomplished exactly two things: 1,070 more words

News & Views

The Intersection of O.J. Simpson and Jonathan Fleming

Kim Anklin’s thoughts on O.J. Simpson, Jonathan Fleming, and the criminal justice system 

Twenty years have passed since Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered in Brentwood, CA and what would be known as “the Trial of the Century” began. 689 more words

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