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Suzanna the Slapper – 3rd & 4th July 1998

Friday 3rd We had today off school coz it’s an inset day so Rachael came to my house. We were phoning everyone to try and get them to come down to the village but we decided not to bother in the end coz it wasn’t fair on Emma coz she’d gone shopping. 770 more words


Movie Quote of the Day - Down In The Delta, 1998 (dir. Maya Angelou)

Earl Sinclair: Now here’s a man, walks into a post office in Shaker Heights, pulls out a gun, shoots everybody, then turns the gun on himself and shoots himself.

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Movie Quote Of The Day

A Not-So-Brief Timeline of Regional Mexican Radio in Houston

OCTOBER 5, 1989: GERARDO ORTIZ IS BORN (That’s just for reference, and because this .jpg was hard to format.)

When NorteñoBlog surveyed Chicago´s Regional Mexican radio scene… 1,876 more words

Regional Mexican Songs

Karen Ramirez - Troubled Girl

Gosh, the 90s were cruel. My pop hopes were raised and dashed more in this decade than in any other, as potentially amazing star after potentially amazing star teetered briefly on the edge of popularity before vanishing, leaving only a couple of great records and if they were very lucky, a solitary berth on a volume of… 450 more words

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He’ll think I’m Ralph’s “bird” – 2nd July 1998

Thursday 2nd Tonight, me Rach, Emma, Ralph and Freddie all met up in the village. We somehow ended up in the nature reserve. We were just messing about and sitting in trees and stuff. 675 more words


Ralph got out some spirits and a bottle of wine – 1st July 1998

Wednesday 1st Not in a good mood about the football. Bloody Argentina. Mind you, I thought England did quite well considering they were down 10 men coz… 973 more words


Four Lads Who Shook the Wirral - Half Man Half Biscuit [#494]

More grumpy observations of the preposterousness pervading Britain from Nigel Blackwell and pals.

Four Lads Who Shook the Wirral is not an album with many memorable HMHB tracks on but it does come armed with the same bitterly amusing cynicism and acerbic observations of British middle class society as the other HMHB albums. 42 more words

Half Man Half Biscuit