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Friday's Theme Song

This song has four things going for it for me: interesting lyrics, fascinating vocals, brilliant guitar playing, a beat and sound that moves me, and it came during an exciting era for me, personally. 21 more words

Pop Culture

Spoon - A Series of Sneaks

ARTIST: Spoon                           

TITLE: A Series of Sneaks



SINGLES: Car Radio

OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: Lord, no… 201 more words

Grade: B

The Bird People in China

In Takashi Miike’s meditative drama, the journey to finding yourself is half the fun.

“”Since my birth, I’ve slept more than 10,000 times. But I’ve never had a dream of myself flying like a bird.” 888 more words


Part 1: Mix Tape 1998

It’s 1998.

I unearthed my actual mixed tapes from this time. I can thank my cousin for the addition of the Led Zeppelin track.

I was going to say, “whatever else you find, don’t judge me” but I’m not going to apologise for a time in my life. 123 more words