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Watching me watching him - 13th & 15th September 1999

Monday 13th On the way to school this morning, Zoe told me that she rang Craig at some point yesterday. He told her that he’s going to the cinema with his mates again on Saturday and wanted to know if she and her mates could go too. 742 more words


0268 Dream [21 July 1999]

Wandering along
a silver-gilded river,
seeking, searching,
trying to find him.
The one who
will hold me,
love me endlessly.

The strength
that I do not have… 160 more words


The Microphones - The Glow, Pt. 2

I need to check this again. Great wintertime listen. It’ll grow on me. 7.5/10.


0267 Rain [10 June 1999]

I feel it on my face
hear it on the rooftop
it is music
it is passion
it is the sweetness
of your love
it runs down my thighs… 20 more words


Air - The Virgin Suicides OST

Hey look! It’s the best artistic choice Sofia Coppola has made! 8/10.