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Afloat (Sur l'eau)

I am alone, really alone, really free. The smoke of the train runs along the seaside; while I float in a winged home that is rocked and cradled; pretty as a bird, tiny as a nest, softer than a hammock, wandering over the waters at the caprice of the wind, independent and free!

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Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey (Review)

Although I’ve titled this a review, as I do when I write about a book, this post on my latest read, Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey,  1,231 more words

Women Writers

Revisiting War of the Worlds

HG Wells is often overlooked by science fiction fans. A lot of fans tend to praise Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clark, Heinlein, Herbert–a lot of great writers who I adore as well. 304 more words


Everything You've Heard About Canada Is a Lie, the Susanna Moodie Story

Roughing It in the Bush, Susanna Moodie, 1852

Just in case you forgot most of what you learned in your history classes: England had an overpopulation problem in the 1830s. 488 more words

19th Century Literature

'Alien Hearts' by Guy de Maupassant

Alien Hearts was first published in 1890 as Notre Coeur and was Maupassant’s last novel. A more straightforward translation of the title would be Our Heart which the translator, Richard Howard, acknowledges in the preface but he mentions that Maupassant had intended to write a companion to Notre Coeur called Alien Souls which he didn’t finish. 943 more words


The Count

Here comes a somewhat ambiguous role model for Simple Living: Count Lev Nikolayevich Tol’stoy (1828 – 1910), Leo Tolstoy in the West, here pictured barefooted (yes!) in peasant’s garb by the renowned painter Repin in 1901, was one of the great “Russians” in 19th-century literature. 327 more words


Graham’s Monthly Synthesizing the 19th Century

8 April 2014

Volume 48, January, 1856, Number 1 of Graham’s Magazine, Is a compilation of entertainment, education, fashion crafts, and music for 19th century families. 830 more words

Literary Criticism