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Betrayed by my Favorite Author: Women Who Hate Women

Adam Bede, George Eliot, 1859

Before I started this project, I considered George Eliot my favorite Victorian author on the strength of Middlemarch alone. She dethroned herself with the rest of her body of work. 1,519 more words


Peer Review 4


Hi Louise

I really loved your take on the way these two amazing poets both embrace such a strong relationship with nature, presenting a deep appreciation and awareness for the way it can stimulate the sense in profound ways. 241 more words

Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte, 1847

‘Wuthering Heights’ has over 22,000 reviews on Goodreads alone; one has to wonder what else I could possibly add to that overwhelming weight of opinion and consideration? 1,623 more words

Book Review

Monday musings on Australian literature: Explorer's journals (1, Edward John Eyre)

I have delved before into Australian explorer’s journals when researching posts, but I must admit that I’ve never read one right through. However, I don’t think that prevents my sharing some of the things they have to offer … 1,377 more words

Australian Literature

Maturin's Melmoth the Wanderer

In 1816, John Melmoth, a Dublin student, visits his miserly uncle on his deathbed. He finds a portrait dated 1646 hidden in his uncle’s closet depicting a mysterious ancestor with eyes ‘such as one feels they wish they had never seen.’ At his uncle’s funeral, a servant tells John an old family story about a stranger called Stanton who arrived looking for ‘Melmoth the Traveller’ decades earlier… 2,423 more words

The Gothic

"Distracted for distraction by distraction"

Compose a poem that describes the life of someone living in the 21st Century that contains the lines “distracted for distraction by distraction”.

I know when answering this blog question, a lot of us alluded to the impact of our phones and the unconscious impact it can have on our everyday lives. 587 more words

19th Century Literature- Summative Essay

Writer’s and artists in the 19th Century were preoccupied with trying to solve the question “what is the purpose of life on earth?” As an inhabitant of the 21st Century, how convincing did you find their answers? 609 more words