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Dodger by Terry Pratchett

When street urchin Dodger sees a young woman being beaten in the street during a storm, he must intervene. Though he saves the girl, Simplicity, the danger she is in is far from over. 206 more words

The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

May 7th –  On this day in 1663, the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane first opened its doors, to put on a performance of John Fletcher and Francis Beaumont’s Jacobean tragi-comedy “ 340 more words

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Bring Back the Serialized Novel

Hillary Kelly writesIn 1847, an English cleaning woman was extremely excited to learn that the boy lodging in her employer’s house was “the son of the man that put together Dombey” — that is, the son of… 948 more words

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Writing Historical Fiction - Getting to Work in 19th Century London

It Wasn’t Easy

Here at Loony Literature, we love to get folks writing.

Writing historical fiction is a great way to learn something and transport yourself to another time and place. 334 more words

Michelle Barber

“Nearly as old as the Fire” (Arthur Mumby, 1868)

December 12th –  On this day in 1868, Arthur Mumby wrote evokingly in his diary:

“… I rambled through the old-fashioned streets about Cripplegate; attracted first by the fine massive antique tower of Cripplegate church … .  210 more words

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Actually, 'Assassin's Creed Victory' Was Teased Back in March

Update #1

Some folks have been reporting the below image is actually an early concept of Arno, it being included in Unity‘s art-book.

Original Story Below… 244 more words


A great historical murder mystery

I just wanted to take a minute to plug a friend’s new book, gang.  If you enjoy historical fiction that’s meticulously researched, and if you love murder mysteries that just pile on more and more and MORE mystery, I really think you will enjoy this book. 193 more words