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Eugenie, the Tragic Empress

Ever since she became an empress, Eugenie de Montijo feared Queen Marie-Antoinette’s fate. She was right to feel uneasy. Eighteen years into the reign and some eighty years after Marie-Antoinette’s head was severed under the guillotine, Eugénie ran in terror through the streets of Paris with a mob at her heels. 1,373 more words

19th Century France

Being Hot the Wrong Way: Heat Remedies in the 19th Century

You would not want to experience a sultry summer in the 19th century, of that I’m sure. Look at the picture of suffering Parisians. No tank tops for the women, no short pants or sandals for the men. 111 more words

19th Century Paris

Disdéri's Photo Studio: Kings, Queens, and Pretty  Legs

Photographic portraiture in the mid 19th century was a slow and expensive process until a clever man invented the carte de visite format. The inventor, André-Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri, juxtaposed multiple shots on the same negative, forming a mosaic comparable to that of the photo booth camera. 465 more words

19th Century France

Travel Diary: Miss Mary at the Paris Exposition, 1889

June 22 Saturday

Went to the Exibition this morning and went to the American exibit and Papa and Mama bought a very pretty lamp for Madamislle which she likes very much.   414 more words

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Travel Diary: Paris

As a historian, I have never been interested in French history.  Part of reason is that the French seem to have been rather inept at managing their affairs in the 18th, 19th, and into the 20th century.   466 more words

History And Historic Preservation

Travel Diary: Miss Mary in Paris

Saturday June 15

Went to Notre Dame which is very handsome and went around inside.  There are beautiful rose windows.  Went through the treasury saw coronation robe of a bishop that was shot in the comune with many other things. 418 more words

History And Historic Preservation

A map, a map, my kingdom for a map

Well, all right, the title is a bit over the top, however, I wanted to tell you about one of the best gifts from our recent trip to Paris … 334 more words

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