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Babo and Mori

Following our last post from a few weeks ago, today’s HHBlog post is in commemoration of Black History Month here in the United States. However, we at the Blog believe that it is important to expand our knowledge and understanding of the African Diaspora to regions in the Americas beyond the conventional scope of the United States or even Anglophone and Francophone North America. 662 more words

122, 123 & 124: The Island of Doctor Moreau, To the Lighthouse, and The Weatherhouse

Last Sunday I spent over £100 in Heffers in Cambridge. I bought Wells and Woolf and Waugh and Wogan, and a bunch of other names from near the end of the alphabet. 1,023 more words


Percy Pilcher - 19th Century Aircraft

I was watching a very interesting documentary a few days ago. Most of us probably don’t have a clue as to who Percy Pilcher is but he was an aviation pioneer during the late 19th century. 134 more words


Small and sophisticated: Wileman demitasse cups from 1889

These little demitasse cups are as sophisticated as they are small. Demitasse cups became very popular in the second half of the 19th Century, when the better-off classes would have a strong black coffee after supper. 37 more words


Overzealous Research Lands Cross-Dressing Victorian Writer in the Dock – Mimi Matthews

Just before midnight on June 25, 1891, a police detective encountered two women strolling arm-in-arm down Regent Street.  One of the women struck him as being rather odd in appearance.  14 more words

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