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A little thought from the 19th century

The photography I’ve chosen has a strong, and for some, unpleasant illustration. This is a killed solider taken during the civil war. Due to the text and other information found on the picture I believe the image was taken in 1864 in the fight of Virginia and the Assault on Petersburg. 306 more words

Learning Activities

True Victorian style - Royal Crown Derby cups from 1898

These are three extremely stylish Victorian Royal Crown Derby teacups. Very simple and elegant, made of the thinnest and whitest porcelain and with restrained decorations of cobalt blue and gilt. 43 more words


The Hermit In Van Diemen's Land

The object of the Essays which are compiled in this small Volume, is to impart information upon the state of manners and society in the Colony of Van Diemen’s Land; to hold up to deserved ridicule, some of the vices and follies by which they are distinguished; to present a mirror wherein good qualities are exhibited, the possession of which is not always acknowledged—in a word, to present a picture of this infant state, which, it is hoped, may prove interesting as well as instructive, not only to its own component Members, but to the general Reader. 4,044 more words

Book Review

#2 My friend's true needs

There is something about Emma’s character that I believe I can relate to. Not her loud ego of course, but the way she wants everything to be controlled. 359 more words

How new technology affects educational choices: lessons from English apprenticeships after the arrival of steam power

by Alexandra de Pleijt (Utrecht University), Chris Minns and Patrick Wallis (London School of Economics)

Many workers today worry whether robots will do away with their jobs. 398 more words