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Murder Most Horrible: The Bloody Trunk Case | Victorian Paris

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Readers who remember the O.J. Simpson’s trial fever will have a small idea of the immense frenzy that surrounded the Bloody Trunk Affair in 1890. 138 more words

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That's Not A Saw . . . This Is A Saw

Check out this big ol’ Armstrong powered crosscut saw from the days of tall trees and tough men!

About 54 inches long. Saw teeth the size of shark teeth. 43 more words

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Cooking Quotation: Mrs Beeton

Mrs Beeton was cooking and writing in the 19th century. Her Book of Household Management was originally published in monthly supplements to “The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine,” and it included far more than the recipes (often spelled ‘receipts’) for which she became famous and gives an insight into Victorian middle-class life. 186 more words

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History And Other Thoughts: Edith Cavell

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“Brussels will be haunted for ever by the ghost of this noble woman, shamefully murdered. I thought no act of our enemy could surprise me further. 286 more words

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Journals 4.2 - Man and Manners by Grant Thorburn (Part 2)

This is the second part of my article on Grant Thorburn’s journal.  For the first part please see the earlier entry from 1st July 2015. 1,965 more words

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Madness Resulting from Intoxication

To constitute madness, the minds of the ignorant people expect a display of continued violence, and they are not satisfied that the person can be pronounced in that state, without they see him exhibit the pranks of a baboon, or hear him roar and bellow like a beast.

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