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Clarke — Oxford Movement and After

Clarke, C. P. S. The Oxford Movement and After. London: Mowbray, 1932.

19th Century

Elmen — Reticence of The Christian Year

Elmen, Paul. “The Reticence of The Christian Year.” American Church Quarterly 4.2 (1964): 121–34.


19th Century

The Great Conflagration!

On April 13th, 1844 the Commercial Advertiser republished an article from an extra printed on the previous Tuesday that B.S. Hawley’s store was destroyed on the night on April 8th. 911 more words


Britain's Secret Theft of Ethiopia's Most Wondrous Manuscripts - Atlas Obscura

IN THE BASEMENT OF LONDON’S British Library I was led into a small well-lit room, marking the end of a journey that began in the Ethiopian Highlands at the Addis Ababa home of a remarkable British historian. 56 more words

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The History of Quack Remedies


Enlightening History of “Mothers Little Helper” and other historical cures.

In the 1800’s there was a rise in the production of quack cures and the peddlers that went door to door selling them. 455 more words

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Photo of the Week: April 18, 2018

US Army Captain, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1863… or pehaps this would be more convincing:

Either way, this was GEttysburg, PA…