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The Confederate Flag: A Heritage of Racism

Not that long ago on Facebook (yes, some of us are still on that cesspool of a platform secretly hoping someone like Oprah will one day buy out Zuckerburg and peace will reign once again on that platform), a friend shared a post I had found regarding the Confederate Flags and the history regarding the usage and different designs. 1,272 more words

19th Century

My All 2020 Mathematics A to Z: Hilbert's Problems

Beth, author of the popular inspiration blog I Didn’t Have My Glasses On …. proposed this topic. Hilbert’s problems are a famous set of questions. I couldn’t hope to summarize them all in an essay of reasonable length. 1,914 more words


Literary Escapade: Combourg and Chateaubriand

Chateaubriand (1768-1848) is a writer that my highschool BFF and I had nicknamed Chateaubrichiant. (Chateauboring) That’s how much we enjoyed the excerpts of… 758 more words

French Literature

Book Review: Into the Second World, by Ellis L. Knox

I’ve previously read Goblins at the Gate by Ellis Knox and loved it, and was looking forward to delve again into his brand of alternate-fantasy-history. 513 more words

Book Review

The Wreck of The Essex: Background.

The Essex, a strong 3 masted oak ship that was known for its strength and “Luck”. Originally it was a merchant ship when it was first launched in 1799 before eventually becoming a whalers ship, working from Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. 935 more words


How to Keep Society Equal: The Case of Pre-industrial East Asia (NR Online Session 4)

By Yuzuru Kumon (Bocconi University)

This research is due to be presented in the fourth New Researcher Online Session: ‘Equality & Wages’.

Theatrum orbis terrarum: Map Tartaria, by Abraham Ortelius. 592 more words

Social History

Did the Ottomans Import the Low Wages of the British in the 19th Century? An Examination of Ottoman Textile Factories (NR Online Session 4)

By Tamer Güven (Istanbul University)

This research is due to be presented in the fourth New Researcher Online Session: ‘Equality & Wages’.

Compared to the UK and Western Europe, there are a limited number of studies on wages and standards of living in the Ottoman empire. 633 more words

Economic History