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1st & 10 - Sunsets

Humans have an infatuation with sunsets. We celebrate when the sun sets late (Summer solstice), and when it sets early (Winter solstice). We create gods like Helios and Sunna who drive chariots of the sun past the Earth’s end. 274 more words

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Summer '17 Songs for Every Situation

It’s summer, which means the world’s biggest pop stars are releasing catchy tunes, hoping to dominate beaches, barbecues, and backseat belters’ lungs for the next three months. 978 more words

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1st & 10 - Satisfying, Unexpected Profanity

           1st & 10 is a segment published on the 1st of each month featuring themed “Top 10” lists. Growing up, Sundays were for church and the Green Bay Packers, hence the name of this segment. 913 more words

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