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Opioids killed more Americans in 2016 than the Vietnam War ....

But there is no outcry..

No hysterical, spittle spewing ranting as there is against those evil inanimate guns…


Because the Left likes their drugs? 13 more words

1st Amendment

Cripes ..

Had a recent change to my oral diabetes medications.

Which I had been able to control with diet and exercise…Until my back and hip went to hell. 99 more words

1st Amendment

Poll: Most Americans favor tighter gun regulations after Las Vegas shooting

I doubt it.

NPR? Liberal, anti gun,

1006 polled is a sampling?

Of what? Where?

Blue states? Red states?



These polls are crap! 12 more words

1st Amendment

Will Trump Impose Backdoor Gun Control?

Urge President Trump to Rein in the ATF!

1. Click on the Take Action button to urge President Donald Trump to prevent the ATF from using the Las Vegas shooting to impose new gun control restrictions. 499 more words

1st Amendment