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In Defense Of Hate Speech

But Rodney, how can you defend their right to free speech? They are using that free speech to call for genocide. Surely you can’t be supportive of that!

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Free, advance screening of "Marshall" and lunchtime lecture at UHM Law School!

The ACLU of Hawaiiʻs Davis Levin First Amendment Conference is proud to present two remarkable events on Thursday, 9/14 featuring visiting speakers Michael Koskoff and John Marshall: 41 more words


Okay, Someone Please..

Take this spineless piece of shit out behind the wood shed…

Those soldiers were more of a man and had a set of bigger balls then Cuomo can dream of having… 25 more words

1st Amendment

Moms Demand Assume.

What happens when your dumber then the dirt your standing on and do not check your facts..

But that’s what a liberal gun grabber does all the time…..

Source: Moms Demand Assume.

1st Amendment