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"Guns Don't Kill People... the Mentally Ill Do"

By:Drew Shaughnessy

“Guns don’t kill people… the mentally ill do” stated Ann Coulter in the New York Times. As Americans we have adopted the thought that all of our violence is caused by mental health or lack thereof. 696 more words


Bloody Mary!? Doesn’t she come from Catholicism?! You worship Bloody Mary don’t you?” questions a boy named Seth in Bible Study class.

He pointed the question towards another classmate named Brianna as she stated that she’s Catholic. 662 more words

Freedom of Religion?

Religious liberty is at stake today and as a Christian, I can attest to this. Often, I am surrounded by those who actively portray Christianity as outdated, ridiculous and bigoted. 1,721 more words

The Misunderstood Separation of Church and State

People are misunderstanding the purpose of separation of church and state. Nowhere in the Constitution did the founding fathers say that the church and government could have no affiliation with each other whatsoever. 1,595 more words

1st Amendment

Interpreting the 1st Amendment

We all have the right to religious freedom. It is written right in the first amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” But do you actually know what it protects? 627 more words

Law, Morality, and Religion

What is law?

“Law is morality”, said by Mathew D. Staver, the founder and chairman of the Liberty Counsel.

But how do you define morality? Does morality also take religion into account? 540 more words


Hollyweird has heated up their war on everyday Americans with the release of “Miss Sloane“.  Starring the Hillary Clinton foot-licker Jessica Chastain, the flick portrays her as a high-powered lobbyist battling the evil National Rifle Association on a bill to ban private gun sales nationwide. 

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1st Amendment