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Strength's Finder 2.0- Pt. 1: "Before"

Before I Take the Assessment

What is this StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment by Gallup?

Some of you may have heard of this personality test, but I’m guessing a large majority haven’t a clue what I’m talking about.A super simple, and short explanation is that first one must buy the book, after they use the access code only provided with the book purchase to take the  web based assessment and discover your strengths. 256 more words

The Beginning Of It All

Official Clan of the FN Blogging Website Unveiling!

Welcome one and all to the Friendly Neighborhood Blogging Clan Unveiling! I am your host BRANDOBOY!!! Hey what’s up guys, just made a new Clan for my blog!! 48 more words


Big Data: 2.0

This week’s album review goes to Big Data’s debut album 2.0. I had some worries about reviewing this particular album because electronic music isn’t really my taste, but Big Data’s ability to create thrilling stories and powerful music made it pretty easy… 745 more words


Est-ce que quelqu'un connaît quelqu'un qui cherche un job?

Ce titre accrocheur, ce n’est ni plus ni moins que la dernière petite video de Michel & Augustin, les trublions du goût. J’aimais déjà beaucoup cette entreprise pour la sympathie qu’elle dégage dans sa communication, son positivisme et son style “pas de prise de tête”. 124 more words

Bonheur Au Travail

NFL Mock Draft 2.0 (With Trades!) - Round 1

By Brian Sullivan

We’re learning more about the players. We’re learning more about the teams. As we inch towards the draft, I unveil my second mock draft, including some surprising trades. 1,504 more words


How To Hack A Keurig 2.0

If you’re like me, you’ve realized that the Keurig 2.0 won’t let you use just any k-cup. Apparently there’s some sort of chip in it that reads the packaging to make sure it’s a Keurig authorized brand. 407 more words