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The blindfolded man

A man was known in his neighborhood, just as well abroad, that walked and stumbled about, wearing a blindfold across his eyes. He became proficient in walking with his stick but still by the very nature of his inability to see, he was limited to what he could do. 558 more words

2 Cents

Hobbies in the Time of Corona

In this blog, I mentioned wanting to spend more time on hobbies.

Then 2020 came and coronavirus hit the world.

And like what I wrote in that post, … 886 more words


My Boring Paradise

Written: April 29, 2020

Right before I got to writing this bit, I’d just finished The Good Place and then I went on Instagram. I was thinking about posting something on my Stories, just to let people know I still exist, lest they forget me. 637 more words



My 2 cents:

Do you believe their are such things as coincidences?

Do you believe that human beings can be inspired by forces outside of their own or other humans? 313 more words

Non Fiction

Mengapa mengumumkan kalau perusahaan Anda tidak ada PHK di tengah isu Covid19 adalah campaign PR yang kurang bijaksana.

Beberapa hari belakangan, saya melihat ada perusahaan-perusahaan yang mengeluarkan statement terbuka kalau mereka tidak akan melakukan PHK. Ini disampaikan dalam bentuk artikel advertorial ataupun status sosial media oleh C-Level perusahaan-perusahaan tersebut. 624 more words

2 Cents

Di akhir zaman semakin banyak orang-orang kecil membicarakan hal-hal besar

Khairul Akbar

2 Cents