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Final Project Poster session

I got to see a lot of interesting final projects during the poster session. One of them was related to AR Storytelling. This was an innovative way to implement storytelling. 55 more words

2. Making & Creativity

Creativity Awesomeness!!

Creativity can be used in several ways. We can use it to play images on buildings, play piano on stairs or simply play tetris on buildings !!

Creative with food

I have always liked playing with my food. This will give a chance for anyone to do so. 

2. Making & Creativity

Fun/Odd Music Instruments

Similar to how we used different fun objects for the music jamming session, I came across this link

http://www.oddmusic.com/gallery/ which contains a list of various odd music instruments & their descriptions.

2. Making & Creativity

On an artist's choice of medium

Tacita Dean speaks of why she chose film over digital, how her choice is not idiosyncratic (or nostalgic) at all. To me it speaks a great deal about how the interaction between medium and artist shapes her creative process.

Art and Neuroscience: A cautionary note


I’ve been posting here a bit too often about art and neuroscience explanations that seek biological reasons for our “preferences” when it comes to works of art. 52 more words

2. Making & Creativity