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2 Million Minutes

2 Million Minutes, that I told you about in KS4/5 assembly, is a programme about the amount of time in total that American Seniors have in High School – basically, year 9 upwards. 238 more words

2 Million Minutes (4 Years of High School) - New Trailer

This groundbreaking, controversial documentary film takes an in-depth look at how students in the United States allocate their high school years (approximately four years or two million minutes) compared with India and China. 190 more words


2 Million Minutes

A colleague and I watched the movie 2 Million Minutes and found it very interesting.

The documentary follow two high school students from each of three countries: United States, India and China, interspersed with interviews from various specialists in education, industry and labor.  311 more words

2 Million Minutes - A Documentary Film Review

Recently I attended a special screening of the new documentary by local venture capitalist Robert Compton, 2 Million Minutes: 21st Century Solution. This film tells the story of one of the top academic high schools in the nation and suggests that the school highlighted in the film serve as a model for the education reform our country desperately needs. 531 more words


2 MM

It is said that a child has 2 million minutes from the beginning to the end of highschool…Two Million Minutes to build their intellectual foundation…Two Million Minutes to prepare for college and ultimately career…Two Million Minutes to go from a teenager to an adult.   153 more words

Global Education

Two Million Minutes...with no engineers?

The most thought provoking speaker I’ve heard in a long time, Bob Compton – a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist- created a somewhat controversial film – Two Million Minutes – which follows two students each in India, China and the U.S. 557 more words

Legislative Issues

final night

we’re back in bangalore, which isn’t nearly as exciting as before. it’s not nearly as colorful as jaipur, and there is more traffic than in delhi. 478 more words