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The Fox in the Forest

The Fox in the Forest is a card game that tries to be something that’s always been very elusive: a good, interesting 2-player trick-taking game. If you’ve played and enjoyed trick-taking games like pinochle, spades, hearts, bridge, etc., you know that 2-player versions of those types of games are rarely any fun. 939 more words

2 Player

Battle Line

When I posted about our list of 1-100 we use to randomly pick a game I forgot to mention one of the best parts: if we roll 100 (double zeros on the dice) we buy a new game! 598 more words

2 Player

Angelus' top 2 Player Games

Here I give you my top 2 player games!


2 Player Games

2 Player Games

internal, the family amusing arcade is darkish, even on a sunny day. in the lower back, there’s a counter wherein you may get an alternate, purchase a can of soda for seventy-five cents and seize a bag of Doritos or a cellophane-protected brownie. 189 more words

Caverna Cave vs Cave (Game Review by Chris Wray)

  • Designer:  Uwe Rosenberg
  • Publisher:  Mayfair; Lookout
  • Artists:  Klemens Franz
  • Players:  1 – 2
  • Ages:  12 and Up
  • Time:  20 Minutes (Solo) or 40 Minutes (2-Player)
  • 1,324 more words

Game Review: Fox in the Forest by Renegade Games

 Today I will be reviewing Fox in the Forest by Renegade and Foxtrot Games. Fox in the Forest is a trick taking game for 2 players that takes about 30 mins to play! 529 more words


Board in the Stacks: Hatsuden

In Hatsuden, the new two-player game from Japanese games publisher Itten, you are competing energy companies jockeying for control of five renewable resources: Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Hydro, and Biomass. 663 more words