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Telepathy Review

Andrew:  Today we check out Telepathy, a deduction game for 2-4 players from LMD Enterprises Inc.  Can you outwit your opponent and figure out what their chosen symbol is before they divine yours?  1,032 more words


Eminent Domain: Microcosm Review

Andrew:  Yesterday, we posted our review of Eminent Domain, from Tasty Minstrel Games.  We lauded this unique, extremely playable sci-fi deck-builder for some innovative mechanics and extremely engaging gameplay, and how it brought galactic conquest to your fingertips in under 45 minutes.  855 more words


Kahuna Review

Andrew:  This week, Gameosity travels to beautiful tropical islands, where powerful shaman channel the ancient spirits of the land in order to-

Jess: We’re going on vacation?! 639 more words


The Prodigal Games, Returned: Some exciting reprints for 2015

In the past month, there have been some really exciting developments in the realm of board game reprints. Some titles have been out of print for a year, some for a number of years. 604 more words

Card Games

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters Review

Today, Gameosity is throwing down with Dice Masters. Specifically Yu-Gi-Oh Dice Masters, from designers Eric M. Lang and Mike Elliot, and Wizkids.

It’s an interesting approach to a collectible two-player dueling game that calls to mind both… 983 more words


Regnum Angelica Review

 Andrew: Today, we look at Regnum Angelica, the first major release from Black Locust Games.  Designed specifically for two players, one of us will herald the noble Arch, while the other takes command of the terrifying Fallen, as each of these two mighty factions seek to overwhelm and ultimately conquer the other’s domain.   1,649 more words


The Captain Is Dead Review

  First Officer’s log, galactic date 20141118.  We have been moving through hostile space for days now, on a mission of the utmost importance.  So far, we have traveled without incident, having successfully evaded detection.  1,438 more words