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Two Missed Trains

I missed my train this morning. It was already at my station when I crossed over to the entrance staircase. I wasn’t even halfway up the stairs when a second train arrived. 52 more words

Selfless woman gives up her shoes to homeless woman on subway

MANHATTAN— It was a chance encounter on board a crowded rush hour train: two women who just happened to wear the same size shoe.

Kay Brown says she was riding a 3 train from Times Square Monday evening when a homeless woman entered her subway car. 193 more words


Shoe Tree

Someone flung a pair of sneakers onto one of the trees that my train platform overseas. I wonder if it’s to symbolize a death or to mark drug/gang territory. 82 more words

Fire Escape Cats

Yesterday, when I reached the platform level at my train station, I noticed a tabby cat on the fire escape of the building at the corner. 115 more words

Beautiful Fall Morning 11/03/15

The weather was so nice this morning, that I didn’t get upset about missing my train or seeing the aftermath of a car accident (no one was hurt). 17 more words

Lucky Day

Today I felt like luck was on my side. I went to my calligraphy class in Queens & got there in an hour. Normally it takes at least an hour & a half from the Bronx. 65 more words

Bag Man in New Shirt A-Hole

Today Bag Man was wearing a new shirt. He must’ve finally gone shopping. When the train arrived he bum-rushed me to go to my usual spot & took the only available seat. 45 more words