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Apartment Tales: The Air Conditioner

The week I moved into The Apartment was stifling.  My apartment had two giant windows, one in each room.  My bedroom window was occupied with an air conditioner that was the size of an old tube tv from the fifties.  1,404 more words


Scrabble Conversation

I watched Lana intently as she laid down her tiles. 


“Asp?”  I looked questionally at Lana.  “Is that even a word?”

“I don’t know.  Look it up.”  I was skeptical.  195 more words


Nervous Flying

“Elyse, do something.” 

Lana was annoyed with me.  She was leaning back in her seat, relaxed and reading War and Peace for the fiftieth time.  My knuckles were white from clutching the arm rests.  974 more words



I have an abnormal pain in my right arm.  It feels bruised on the inside of my elbow, but it doesn’t look bruised.  And when I straighten my arm, it feels like the tendons are stretching.   486 more words


The Apartment Tales: Introduction

This is a reoccurring post that will happen every Friday (until I run out of stories).  Enjoy!

The Apartment is an apartment building I lived in for three years.  590 more words


Life of a Pinhead

I’ve always known I have a smaller than average head.  I challenge you to find an adult hat that fits my head properly.   I usually end up looking like a baby who’s Dad put his baseball hat on him for kicks.  269 more words


The Craigslist Roommates

For the most part, strangers don’t scare me. Call me naïve but I believe people are inherently nice. So when I needed a place to live the second summer I lived in Chicago, I went to the most logical place – … 1,209 more words