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Valentines day // SEX!

I do not care what anyone says…. in your 20s valentines day is all about sex! We’re all sex mad and all the flowers, chocolates and dates someone will set out is to get some sexual loving! 185 more words

Being 20 something & in love

If you’ve learnt to be an independent lady, having a relationship for the first time scares you half to death because you know once you fall for a person, you’ve completely lost all the selfishness in being single. 774 more words

Feb 8

Wellll I got busy haha

Days been busy …..little do I remember I’m leaving soon

You know when your little everyone bugs you on what your desired dream job is .we all say something we don’t think threw .50% of people with follow and stick with the plan .50 other % is busy with their lives .I almost always envy the people who go to college and their parent pay their tuition.that sounds like goals.and they almost always rub in your face. 211 more words

20 Year Old

January 31

Lol …..I forgot to post I’ve been procrastinating…….well I’ve also been working……I really have .But no excuse to record what happened ready to hear it ….. 48 more words

20 Year Old

Europe. Solo. 5 Weeks.

Obviously it is now a year after all these posts should have been posted, but it’s taken me a long time to settle back into Australia, back into a routine and finding the joy in writing again. 261 more words


First blog post .. Yikes!

Hello world!

Shako mako? Since this is my first post, I thought I’d share a little bit of a background on myself and where this blog is headed. 181 more words


January 22

Adulting is boring lol

My friend was complaining about being 19 and not having a job .I was like “dude are you doing taxes?”

She laughed and she said nvm.I’m not gonna sit here and lie and say they didn’t teach about taxes at school because trust me they did . 310 more words

20 Year Old