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ALL OUT E20話 All Out!! - 20

ALL OUT E20話 All Out!! – 20

ALL OUT E20話 All Out!! – 20

20. Do you pray for a holy death?

Do you pray for a holy death? You should. You should pray for a holy death. Did you know that every time you pray a Hail Mary, you are praying for a holy death? 291 more words

20 Time Update #3

Yay another update even though I’ve barely done anything! Okay, that’s kind of a lie, because I did research just how much I would need to spend on a semi-decent guitar to learn on, which seems to be around $100 – $120. 423 more words

Weekly Reflections

Ru’s Daily Blog #20: CAYNE - Will It Leave It’s Mark On You?

Hello Gamer Gals & Guys!

Thank you for joining me for another edition of Ru’s Daily!

Before I begin, I just want you all to know how blessed I am from all of your comments on the blog and SE’s social media! 730 more words

Ru's Daily

to my forever love

do you know how much i love you? how much i would sacrifice for you? is it cliché to say that i would gladly give up my happiness just to see you happy? 505 more words