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Ali vam ZPIZ izplačuje 20% predčasne pokojnine še v času trajanja zaposlitve?

V času trajanja delovnega razmerja se vam lahko, ob izpolnjevanju pogojev za pridobitev pravice do predčasne pokojnine (ženska: starost 59 let ter 39 let in 4 mesece pokojninske dobe; moški: starost 59 let in 4 mesece ter 40 let pokojninske dobe), izplačuje 20% predčasne pokojnine, do katere bi bili upravičeni na dan njene uveljavitve. 48 more words

Creative Produce 146 147: birthday weekend

No existential crisis here. Just music, friends, family, and pierogi.


Keep on moving

Life is fun, life is scary, life is hard, and life can be easy. Being in my 20’s I’m experiencing so much. I’ve learned to love with everything, lose everything, go with everything, and see everything. 119 more words


Normally when I spend hours wasting my days online I don’t feel so great, however today I spent about two hours watching videos of a mother-daughter duo called… 926 more words


20 - chapter 3


Chapter 3

The cost of intelligence

K is remembered as an eccentric, unpredictable figure among the founding members of the village. He had made remarkable claims on his diary which would be testified only by one’s experiment. 1,189 more words

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20 - chapter 2


Chapter 2

Democracy, what?!

Thrive of the village, now became a town, has been contributed by new political system, mostly the community technically is running by children from five to late teen. 1,092 more words

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20 - chapter 1


I wrote a short story during last winter. It’s about a future society that people live good life without  the conflicts between the ruling and subservient classes. 774 more words

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