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20 years, 2 decades!

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! I draft wrote this post in November 2017. I have to say that I got a little emotional writing this. This is me being thankful 20 times for many different things for all of my 20 years. 438 more words


What is an adult and when will I be one: The birthday black hole of 20

Hi all,

As is always with me, I’m writing a tad later than I’d anticipated but life as always, got in the way. In amongst all of this ‘life’, it dawned on me. 571 more words

Turning Twenty

This weekend I celebrated my 20th birthday and I have to say it was probably the best birthday I have ever had. As I am currently at uni, I live away from home and this was my first birthday I wouldn’t be able to celebrate with my family and I was finding this really hard. 537 more words


What I Got For My Birthday || Random Mancunian

Hi, everybody this is a very late blog post but it was my birthday last month and I turned 20. I thought I’d do a blog post on what I got for my birthday I’m not doing this to brag or anything I just love reading blogs about the same thing. 287 more words

Random Mancunian

Space (part twenty-seven)

As soon as I walk through the door I see the group of people I’ve been hoping would be here. Thad Moreland waves me over to a white plastic table in the middle of a group of booths along the window facing to the South overlooking the ground side space port. 243 more words