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Appendix N Challenge: Lest Darkness Fall by L. Sprague De Camp.

The first time travel tale I remember reading was Mark Twains’ ‘A Connecticut Yankee at the court of King Arthur. I’d just finished reading Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn and honestly thought I was getting more of the same. 534 more words

Appendix N Challenge

Summer Magic: The Journal of Luke Kirby

Written by: Alan McKenzie
Art by: John Ridgway, Steve Parkhouse, Graham Higgins and Nick Abadzis
ISBN: 978-1-78108-541-7
Price: £19.99 (UK) $28.99 (US)

The Graphic Novel reprints the following stories: 1,083 more words


The Ballad of Halo Jones: Vol. 2 (1986) – Elliot’s Review

So, after being introduced to Halo Jones and her futuristic world in book one, we move into deep space for book two as we join Halo on a long-haul cruise-ship floating across the void, and this one turns out a little more exciting than the type of cruise advertised in the National Trust magazine. 842 more words


My Life With... Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future - ZX Spectrum

Never regret something that made you smile… I’m not sure the free Space Spinner on issue one of the relaunched Eagle comic on the 27th March 1982 made me smile enough not to regret tearing lumps out of the cover to get the sellotape off! 451 more words


The Ballad Of Halo Jones: Vol. 1 (1986) - Elliot's Review

Wassup, Milo here. Before we start, this is an excellent guest review from Elliot of Wildlife & Words. So, if you like what you see, and wanna see more from Elliot, I’mma link to both Wildlife & Words (nature) and his other blog, Otherworlds Of Film (movies), below. 910 more words


Cosmonaut X by Arthur Wyatt and Laurence Campbell

Happy Yuri’s Night! It’s the fifty-sixth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin making history as the first man to travel into space and orbit the Earth. Most years I don’t have time to celebrate it, since April 12 inevitably precedes the April 15 tax deadline, so I make do with a quick game of the moon level of Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge (remember that?). 903 more words


Judge Dredd: Year One - "City Fathers"

Written by: Matthew Smith
Published by: Abaddon Books

Synopsis: The brutal murder of a Justice Department-sanctioned spy sparks an investigation that will see Dredd trawl the criminal underworld in the hunt for the killer – and he will discover that all is not what it seems in the sector’s murky black market. 892 more words