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Just to jump out of Trek for a bit.. Dan Dare Eagle on patrol,, using the fabulous Ali Ries Background art scene .. no prep just slapped it in there where the Enterprise was and a reminder of its scale

Dan Dare

Strontium Dog

If you were asked to name a comic book company your answer might depend on where you are from. Those from the French speaking world would answer either Herge (Tintin) or Hachette (Asterix and Obelix). 194 more words

2000 AD

Beware the Bear! Shako

Ecological thrillers in 2000AD’s early years seem to be an odd combination in a series based predominantly in Sci Fi – although in Shako’s case possibly you could argue that the concept of the CIA’s deadliest chemical weapon so deadly that whoever held it could control the entire world is a little sci fi, but I prefer to think of it as a form of unfortunate prophecy. 573 more words

Learn your ABC's

Distinctive characteristics, origin stories, character development, perverse humour, violence, intriguing plot and a nod to my favourite early 2000AD storylines.

I found ABC Warriors The Mek-Nificent Seven to be all these things, a continuation of the characters from Ro-Busters (the sarcastic Ro-Jaws and the fairly morally complex character Hammerstein) and also the Invasion storyline featuring Bill Savage (a character who also featured in another strip Disaster 1990) 292 more words

Hard Boiled Noir -Button Man

Slow Burn stories aren’t typically found in most comic book series, instead of a fast paced panel full of the promise of impending explosive action, we have a story which moves methodically and carefully, building up the sense of a dangerous environment and directly engages the reader. 243 more words

Slaine - Ireland Invaded!

Having finally finished the Books of Invasion Volumes… it’s hard to quantify how I feel.. it’s a rich, disturbing, beautiful, grotesque, mammoth, blockbuster of a title. 396 more words

Nemesis The Warlock - Credo!

Science fiction doesn’t have to be about threats from Outer Space – sure we have numerous comic strip stories about the Alien threat to humanity, but this vision of a future where humanity has reverted to a medieval-esque grandiose nightmare flips this on it’s head. 459 more words