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683... Kickstarter coming soon

I’m currently planning a Kickstarter campaign to launch (and print) ‘The Intercorstal: 683’, which is an abstract anthology-style comic inspired by the British comics I was first exposed to as a child. 119 more words

Gallery: Action Comic

The most notorious weekly comic in British history – loved by kids, hated (and banned) by adults.


What is Graphic-Horror?

Imagine Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight was 18 rated. Imagine Batman lost control and accidentally killed someone. Imagine he was haunted by his grief to the extent he started seeing things. 794 more words

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Comics, the "So" album and me

This is, without doubt, my favourite song of all time.

Like many others back in the late 80’s, I had bought Peter Gabriel’s “SO” Album for the incredibly catchy “Sledgehammer”.   453 more words


Product review: Prodos Games Amazon Riders

It’s no secret that I gave up on Games Workshop a while ago, with their constant re-doing of their codexes, the new edition of 40K dropping while I still hadn’t taken all of the previous edition’s pieces out of the box, and their just downright egregious pricing of the new plastic minis cemented the demise of GW for me. 1,249 more words

#lbf16: The Graphic Galaxy.

It feels an ideal time to sit and talk about sci-fi comics and the likes of 2000AD, given Channel 4’s recent documentary Future Shock! (seriously, go watch it). 795 more words

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0513 | Future Shock! The Story Of 2000AD

I’m no connoisseur of the long-running British weekly comic 2000AD, though I did read it intermittently as a teenager, attracted by its edgy mix of anarchy, violence and wit (all of which can usually be found in its most famous long-running strip, … 553 more words

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