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494 To Burn. . . [12 July 2002]

it is restless here
when my heart yearns
to burn like the mountains
in the setting sun’s fire
but alas it does not
there is none to desire… 66 more words


493 Outer Space: The Sequel [12 July 2002]

the horizon burns
with the flames
of the setting sun
mistress night unfurls her wings
to encase this part of the world
in gentle darkness… 83 more words


492 Outer Space [12 July 2002]

only do we stand here
gazing up at the vast sky
dreaming of life that could be
maybe one or two
or ten billion other societies… 54 more words


491 Who Are You? [06 July 2002]

I wish I knew
just who you were
so tonight I could hold you
within my arms
maybe I’m delusional
or very naïve
but to know you… 59 more words


490 Because of He Who is to be Mine [06 July 2002]

my quest for love
has seemed a non-ending one
where inner turmoil
and a fierce darkness
threaten to drown me
but every time I slip… 84 more words


Morrissey: Brixton Academy – November 5th, 2002


I came to the Smiths late.

I got the first album second hand about the time that I was doing my GCSEs, and I followed that with Louder than Bombs. 122 more words


489 Savior [05 July 2002]

the lightning comes,
followed by its voice
that echoes through the heavens
with it my savior arrives
gleaming silver hide
thin membrane wings
that appears like gossamer… 137 more words