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Bob Weir & Rat Dog: Astoria – August 22nd, 2003


Rat Dog is Bobby’s band. I loved Bobby.

Sugar Magnolia is all tied up for me with my first ever girlfriend at college.

It may have only lasted a couple of months one summer, but until I met my wife it was one of only two ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’  relationships I think I ever had. 714 more words


Today in Madonna History: April 26, 2003

On April 26 2003, Madonna’s American Life single spent the first of two weeks at #1 on the Soundscan Canadian Singles chart.

American Life was the final two-track physical Madonna single issued by Warner Music Canada, while production of CD maxi-singles would continue domestically until the 2006 release of Jump.


Glendronach 13yo 2003/2016 (55.2%, OB, for TasTToe & Drankenshop Broekmans, Oloroso Sherry Butt #5489, 705 bottles)

To my amazement, after all those years of writing Single Malt reviews, this is the first Glendronach on these pages. How did that happen? I’ll have to conduct a formal inquiry into this matter. 604 more words

Single Malt

The Donnas: Scala – March 26th, 2003


I discovered the Donnas through their cover versions.

I still think their Keep on Loving You is genius.

And in 2003 the Donnas were having a moment. 154 more words


Zwan: Shepherd’s Bush Empire – February 12th 2003


This was Zwan’s only full show in the UK.

They played the Download festival later that year, but a combination of rain and late stage times cut their set short. 200 more words

Shepherd's Bush Empire

One Random Single a Day #98: "Breathe" (2003) by Blu Cantrell

I grow in and out of obsessions pretty quickly, but right now in my quest to listen to every one of the Now That’s What I Call Music numbered compilations, I’m going through a huge wave of nostalgia for major pop hits of the 2000’s, particularly those by rappers and pop divas. 777 more words

5th Episode: School of Rock (2003)

Today’s assignment is to listen to Vern and Jordan revisit the 2003 Richard Linklatter comedy, School of Rock.  This Richard Linklater feature stars Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Sarah Silverman and a slew of really talented kids who rocked the house back when they were just 9.   97 more words