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The Crystalline Tree

What will happen to the crystalline tree that sits under the streetlight? She is glistening confidence standing beautifully alone as the cars drive past not noticing, not caring, not seeing. 7 more words


Rain: Coat Of My Heart

How many steps have we taken in hope of unexpected encounter … where are you? … and they say don’t go back to old loves… but when night gives me peace … where are you?… 9 more words


Austin Bomber Information.

Better he blew himself up than innocent human beings.

All information here was originally from various articles from various sources. Who was the Austin Bomber? Police identified the suspect as Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, who died on the side of a front… 15 more words


Smile, it heals…

Yes, Trust me… Don’t you? Relax, Just leave everything for a moment, And, Give a wide smile… Now… Did you just smile? Did you feel something realizing your heart? 12 more words


Don't Neglect Your Blog: Update!!

My last blog post was back in February – 15th February to be exact! I just went back to check and it was a blog about: The Humphrey Fellowship Program which is still open!  15 more words


Do This For Your Writing Career

Invest In Yourself! That right there is my #1 rule for any kind of writing success. Give yourself the right tools, the right tribe, and the right mindset to get your writing where you want it to be… 12 more words