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Eyes Off the Prize

It’s poignant to recall today that, after the election of Barack Obama to the US presidency in 2008, some commentators wrote hopefully of an impending “post-racial” American society, wherein historic divisions between black and white citizens would at last be surmounted. 569 more words


Painful introspection

Well, I am seeing a LOT of anger on political twitter. Example:

Bernie supporters want their participation trophies 😂😂😂🙄 pic.twitter.com/rNtCy9E2mL

— Sally Albright (@SallyAlbright) March 4, 2020…

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I Awaken every Morning Asking Myself the same Question; “How did our Nation Go from having a Great Man as our President to the Worst?

In 2008 the American people elected a brilliant patriot who inherited the worst situation in modern times. Barrack Obama faced a near depression; the result of another Republican’s failed fiscal policies; two unwinnable wars; and a growing deficit. 894 more words

Can Bernie Do It?

We are a week out from the Iowa caucus now and my hopeful 2015 self should be starting to re-emerge in full blossom. Bernie Sanders is leading. 1,123 more words


Seven Senate Democrats want Nancy Pelosi to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate

  House Democrats were in a hurry to impeach Donald Trump because of the threat they claimed he posed to the 2020 election and our democracy, and yet since passing the articles of impeachment the Speaker of the House has declined to transmit the articles to the Senate for a trial. 356 more words


Not Evil, Just Stupid

And in an age of near universal literacy and information access in the developed world, stupid is an evil all its own. Perhaps the greatest of all evils. 1,403 more words