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Barack Obama's Role in Giving Us the Trump Presidency

The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius is remembered as a great philosopher and successful military commander, but he is also remembered for picking his feckless son… 2,076 more words


Hillary Clinton for President

What is the absolute worst thing you could credibly say about Hillary Clinton?

That is, once you remove the sexism, paranoia and conspiracy-mongering that define—if not consume—so many of her most passionate, deranged critics, what is the central compelling argument against Hillary being elected president of the United States? 1,523 more words

John Kasich casts presidential vote, but not for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

John Kasich has cast his presidential ballot – for 2008 Republican nominee John McCain.

Kasich, who lost the 2016 Republican presidential nomination to Donald Trump… 181 more words


Recalling election night 2008 in Grant Park: Thanks, Obama

As the Obama presidency winds down, we all have memories of times over the last eight years of how Barack Obama showed us what it means to be a successful president. 1,682 more words

Im-Politic: What the Hell Many Black Voters Really Have to Lose

Even by the off-the-wall standards of this presidential campaign, one of the most stunning spectacles has entailed the reactions by many African-Americans (and many of their supposed leaders) to… 938 more words


The 'Daisy Ad' Team Offers the Clinton Camp Advice on Countering Trump

Remember your childhood schoolyard?

Did bullies, aided and abetted by the playground pundits, make your childhood a recess in Hell? Did you get a lousy nickname that stuck? 686 more words


Did the Bishops Punish Archbishop Burke?

Deal W. Hudson

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Archbishop Raymond Burke (St. Louis) lost an election at the annual meeting of the U.S. 788 more words