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Obama’s Odyssey: The 2008 Race for the White House – Connie Corcoran Wilson

It wasn’t what I expected and after I started reading it, I had to revise my approach to the book. 458 more words


The Revolutionary and the Pragmatist

Let me declare on this New York primary day, that I will be supporting Hillary Clinton’s bid to become the Democratic nominee for president. But if she should lose to Bernie Sanders, then I will wholeheartedly support him in November, voting a straight Democratic ticket, because I am invested not so much in a single person, as a political philosophy that I feel is embodied by the only party that is in a position to enact the kind of meaningful change I would like to see. 1,038 more words


Politics 2.0: An Analysis of Obama’s Winning Campaign

Barack Obama, The First Social Media President

First seen in FDR’s radio campaign in 1933 and then again with JFK’s television campaign in 1960, Obama’s social media campaign in 2008 and 2012 has revolutionized politics for the future. 981 more words

Social Media

Guess whose ....

… own children will not be voting for him, at least not in the New York primary next week. Apparently Donnie’s children, Ivanka and Eric Trump ‘forgot’ to register.  700 more words

Political Commentary

Debunking 5 MSM Lies about the Democratic Nomination

1. Hillary Clinton has 2.5 million more popular votes than Sanders – This is absolutely not true. By the mere fact that the Democratic Nomination contests are a mix of Primaries and Caucuses there is no accurate way to calculate popular vote. 373 more words


2008 Primary Election Fraud: A Statistical Analysis

Richard Charnin
Mar. 14, 2016 

This is a May 10, 2008 post I wrote  during the 2008 Democratic primaries in which Clinton ran against Obama.  It is interesting and instructive to compare 2008 to the recent analysis of the 2016  1,318 more words