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Had Enough Already: The Tea Party’s Rise and How It Has Effected the Republican Party and Subsequently the American Political System

Throughout American history, political parties have come and gone in all eras. This includes major powers like the Whig Party and smaller factions such as the Populist Party. 3,182 more words



Old thoughts (26 October 2008):

A McCain defeat is likely to be paired with significant defeats downstream from the Presidential race. This would portend a period of bloodletting within the Republican party and among conservatives more generally.

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What if #FeelTheBern is just a Hope & Change sequel?

“Even though it is candidate-centered, there is no doubt that the campaign is a social movement, one greater than the candidate himself ever imagined. … Not since Robert Kennedy’s 1968 campaign has there been a passion to imagine the world anew like the passion and unprecedented numbers of people mobilized in this campaign.” 8 more words

The Root: January 7, 2008: The Day Hillary Clinton Lost the Black Vote

It was a long time ago in an America we would hardly recognize today: Jan. 7 of 2008. The main conversation around Bill Cosby was his conservative positions, not his choice of home beverage. 1,051 more words


Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton got 'schlonged' by President Obama in 2008 election

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday rejected reports that he used vulgarity in describing Democrat Hillary Clinton’s primary loss to now-President Barack Obama in 2008. 573 more words


Hillary - All the Worst Traits both Genders have to offer

There have been rumors for years that Hillary Clinton is a closet lesbian.  Supporters will argue that she is a wife and mother.  I recall once seeing a video of Hillary holding baby Chelsea in her poopy diapers.  435 more words

Must Read

Republican Fear Mongering: What They Thought after the '08 Election

This may be very, very old news to those of you who have been liberal for years, but I was raised by conservative parents in a deeply religious environment, so seeing this from the other side is still new to me sometimes. 915 more words