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A Realist’s Ode to Hillary

Part of me wants to be happy for her. She appears at a Broadway showing of Hamilton, they give her a standing ovation. Her husband introduces her as a Grammy Winner at a Fleetwood Mac event, the crowd goes nuts. 1,995 more words

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton protected a campaign worker who was accused of sexual harassment

  According to this CNN story Hillary Clinton protected a man on her 2008 campaign staff who was accused of sexual harassment and refused to fire him despite the recommendation of her campaign manager–and we are not talking about Bill Clinton here… 283 more words


Women's March 2018 is all about voting and seeking office

It’s time to get out the pussy hats again. And make sure you pair them with voter registration cards.

Last year’s Women’s March, held Jan. 21, 2017, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, drew an estimated 4.2 million protestors in more than 650 marches around the country and even more around the globe. 1,485 more words

This is not really a rant but a wondering

ya know, just wondering what the USA would be like if it had been Hillary Clinton who had won the Democratic Primary back in 2008 & gone on to win the election & then we had eight years of “The First Female President”, while Barack Obama stayed in the Senate, gaining experience & the friendships & contacts needed he would need when he would be elected in 2016 as the “The First Black President”. 18 more words

American Politics and Social Media

American politics can be a complicated and controversial topic. Tensions often run high, and conflict arises between various political parties with differing views and standpoints. 448 more words

Social Media

Is Russia colluding with US environmental groups to discredit fracking?

  All the talk in Washington these days is about Russia election collusion but despite Donald Trump Jr.’s damaging email release yesterday there is still no solid proof any collusion occurred. 445 more words


We Must Normalize Trump to Beat Him

Since President Trump’s inauguration, it’s become popular to demand that we not normalize Trump’s presidency. Politically, this means constantly drawing attention to all the things that Donald Trump does that separate him from past presidents. 1,038 more words